Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Name Game: Who's That Lady?

Mystery Woman #2, the clues: She started making movies in her mid-teens and became famous while still very young.

Gilby did it again, recognizing Hedy Lamarr (born Hedwig Kiesler in Austria). Hedy was only 18 when she became an international sensation in the Czech film Ecstasy. Louis B. Mayer renamed her and she went on to become one of MGM's most stunning stars. Her beauty tended to overshadow her brains (she was co-inventor of early spread spectrum communications technology, a basis of modern wireless communication) and her talent. But what a face she had!!

Thanks to all who joined in this week, the game will return next Tuesday morning...

Mystery Woman #1, the clues: She made her first films while still a teenager...

Gilby recognized Jean Harlow (KC and Avalon agreed) Harlow began in films in 1928 when she was still in her teens. She became one of the top stars of the '30s and died suddenly in 1937 at the height of her career - and the tender age of 26. By the way, Turner Classic Movies will be airing one of her films, Suzy (1936), with Cary Grant in the morning on May 4.


  1. I'm pretty sure that's Jean - The Baby as a baby! ^_^

  2. Way to go Gilby, it is Jean Harlow! Becky, you're back! - so good to hear from you again...and a great guess. KC and Avalon, thanks for playing and, of course, you're both right, just a little later than Gilby.

    The next mystery woman will post soon...

  3. Hi, Dawn...good guess, but not Grace this time...
    this beauty became famous while still very young...

  4. Gilby, you are on a roll this week...it is indeed young Hedy Lamarr (Hedwig Kiesler)...great work...and thanks to Dawn, Avalon, Becky and KC for joining the fun...

    Will be back next week with more...

  5. Gilby, you are so good at this! Welcome back, Becky! And Eve, I think this is a very fun game. The photo of Hedy on the right looks very much like her picture at 18. Gorgeous!

  6. I think Gilby is now our reigning champion...Becky, I hope you will start blogging again, yours are some of my favorites - I've missed you! Toto, glad you like the game...it's fun for me, too (and as for Hedy, she had a face in a million...make that a billion).

  7. Thanks to all! I think being a math teacher is to my advantage -- I very often learn by seeing so I tend to remember images, faces,and objects very well.

  8. By the way, I too am glad to see Becky again! Hope you'll stop by Film Philes soon!