Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mystery Man...do you know him...? Part II

The Clues: This young man debuted in film at the age of 7, but wanted to play basketball and played for UCLA as a freshman. He later joined the Coast Guard but came back to acting while still in his early 20s. He's still working...

Moira Finnie recognized Beau Bridges, older brother of Jeff. Beau's first film was Force of Evil in 1948 and he appeared in The Red Pony in 1949. He returned to acting in the early '60s and never stopped. Son of actor Lloyd Bridges, he's probably best known for his co-starring role with brother Jeff and Michelle Pfeiffer in The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989). Jeff, Lloyd and Beau are shown together a few years ago, upper right.

Good work by Java Bean Rush and Moira Finnie, two new players (with a thank you for joining the game). I'll be back next week with more...

I thought this one might be easy...but...! (Clue: This icon played college football...)

Java Bean Rush broke all records in identifying John Wayne, then known as Marion Morrison and on the USC Trojans football team. Great work, JBR...I'll be back soon with another mystery man...


  1. Well hello Java Bean...I didn't think this one would last long, but I think you might've broken a speed record! Yes it is John Wayne - when he was known as Marion Morrison and playing ball at USC. As we all know, he went on to become a legend...great work!

  2. It was the ears, nose and jawline that I recognized from somewhere. So I took as stab at it.

  3. I think the young man above is Beau Bridges, the more underrated of the two actor-sons of Lloyd Bridges (those eyebrows told the story).

  4. You are so right...the young man is an adolescent Beau Bridges. Great work Moira!