Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Name Game: Last Call

Kim identified mystery man George Clooney(#5, the last photo) and Sark recognized Rita Hayworth, photo #2...Beef named #3, James Dean and #4, Ruth Gordon...JoAnn recognized #1, James Stewart. Great work everyone and thanks for playing: Kim, Sark, Beef, JoAnn and Paul. The Name Game is going on sabbatical and may resurface as a monthly or occasional pastime. Thanks to all who have joined in over the past several months...TLE
This boy grew up to be one of the biggest most beloved stars of the Golden Age...he made his first film in the '30s and went on to have a decades-long, award-winning career...

An icon, he was an Oscar-winner known for playing honorable everyman types...tho a role he played in a Hitchcock film was a departure and one of his best roles. James Stewart!

This young lady was given the Hollywood treatment and became a ravishing pin-up star who hit the heights of fame in the 1940s...Rita Hayworth!

This kid became legendary in the 1950s...he didn't make many films but each one remains a classic today. James Dean!

This actress came into prominence winning a major award in the late '60s
...she worked into the '70s and '80s...

On top of devloping a busy late career as a character actress, this Oscar-winner was also nominated for three screenwriting Oscars with her husband. Ruth Gordon!

This tyke had his first shot at fame in the '80s, but time passed before he got his break out role...today he's at the top of the A list...George Clooney!


  1. The last tyke at the end (holding a tele) looks like George Clooney.

  2. I'm awful at this wonderful game, but I'll take a stab and say that Pic #2 looks like Rita Hayworth.

  3. Kim, you're right, that's George Clooney as a tot...
    and Sark, you're right, too...that's Rita Hayworth when she was still known as Rita Cansino...
    Great work, you 2!

    Still unidentified, 2 Hollywood icons of different eras and one great character actress/screenwriter...

  4. #3--James Dean?
    #4--Ruth Gordon

  5. We (Paul and JoAnn) agree with Beef on #3 and #4, and are wondering if #1 is Gary Cooper?

  6. Oops, #1 can't be Coop, could it be Joel McCrea?

  7. JoAnn thinks #1 is Jimmy Stewart.

  8. Beef got it right with James Dean (#3) and Ruth Gordon (#4)...and JoAnn is right on #1, it's Jimmy Stewart...great work guys, thanks for playing!

  9. Eve, thank you for all of your work on this game. I always enjoyed checking the responses even though I was not very good at guessing.

  10. Thanks Toto, it was a lot of fun...