Film and TV Twitter Tournaments

Since April 2021, the Classic Film & TV Café (@classic_film) has been conducting monthly classic film and television "tournaments" on Twitter. 

We choose a topic, such as classic TV show themes, and establish any criteria for selection. For example, we required that any nominated TV themes be from a TV show that began broadcasting no later 1989. Then, we host a "Nomination Day," in which film and TV fans on Twitter can submit up to four nominations. We tabulate those results and use the data to seed the tournament field.

Over a series of rounds, film and TV fans vote on Twitter until a champion is crowned! 

Our goal is not proclaim certain shows or actors as the best or most popular. Rather, we just want to celebrate classic movies and television shows and the people that made them...and have some fun!

In September 2021, the topic will be Classic Film Lead Actors. If you want to participate, follow us on Twitter at @classic_film and stay tuned for updates!

The results of previous tournaments are shown below. Click on the graphic to enlarge it so you can read the results more easily.

Classic TV Themes Tournament - August 2021

Classic Film Lead Actress Tournament - July 2021

Classic 1960s TV Character Tournament - July 2021

Classic 1970s TV Character Tournament - June 2021

Classic TV Private Eye Tournament - May 2021

Ignored By the Oscars Tournament - April 2021

Classic TV Westerns Tournament - March 2021

Classic TV Private Eye Tournament - February 2021

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