Monday, January 17, 2011

Trivia Time - Part 67

Last week in TT66 there was only one question that wasn't answered.....good job, everyone!

5. Name the "stars" of the film, Carry It On.

Answer: Joan Baez and her husband, David Harris.

And here is TT67! You'll notice that we have a new category: Who Said This?

Who Said This? "You don't need a housekeeper, you need a UNIVAC machine." Name the film and the actor/actress. Who Said This?

Who Said This? "I think I'm gonna give every nurse on this floor an electric cattle prod, and just instruct them to just zap him in his badoobies." Name the movie and the actor/actress. Who Said This?

Who Said This? "Look wiseguy, I didn't feel like I was 21 when I was 21." Name the film and the actor/actress. Who Said This?

1. For the first seasons of both Star Trek and The Man from U.N.C.L.E., which night(s) of the week were they scheduled on NBC?

2. Name all the movies Errol Flynn made for Warner Brothers in 1942 and the directors. Bonus points for correct order.

3. How many films did Errol Flynn make for Warner Brothers in 1936? Name it/them.

4. Name the two films in which Cary Grant appeared with John Ridgely at Warner Brothers.

5. Name the three films for which Duke Ellington wrote the scores. Name the stars of each film.

6. Name the '50s teen idol who co-wrote the theme for the Tonight Show ("Johnnie's Theme").

7. Name the CBS series starring Ronny Cox.

8. Which show featured elevator races inside Rockefeller Center during the 1970s-'80s?

9. Name the movie in which Jimmy Stewart played his last romantic leading role.

10. Name the famous actor who actively sought the part in the movie in #9 but lost to Stewart.


  1. For #9, is it Bell, Book and Candle?

  2. Who Said This #2 -- Dustin Hoffman as "Dorothy Michaels" in Tootsie.

  3. #4) Room for One More & Arsenic and Old Lace
    #7) Apple's Way

  4. Welcome angelnumber25! Yes, #9 is Bell Book and Candle, good job!

    Gilby, you're on a roll, as usual, LOL! My bad on #4 though...I forgot to specify movies in the 1940s ONLY! For a free pass for next week, name the film John Ridgely did with Grant before the two that you mentioned.

  5. Thanks! I've been lurking this blog for a while, figured I'd have to jump in sometime, and I just love Jimmy!

  6. #4) Destination Tokyo
    #9) Rex Harrison

  7. OK Gilby, re #4, you've got your free pass for next week, but as for #10, [disgusting buzzer sound] WRONG!

    Not Harrison....keep thinking!

  8. Recap: still need to answer Who Said This? #s 1 and 3, questions #1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and 10.

  9. U.N.C.L.E. started on Tuesday and TREK on Thursday. Both wound up on Friday.

  10. "Who said this" #3 is Thelma Ritter in THE MATING SEASON.

  11. Wow Rick, buying all those old TV series DVDs is paying off! You are correct-o-mundo on both!

  12. Recap: still need to answer Who Said This? #1, questions #2, 3, 5 and 8.

  13. Whew! I made it before anyone else answered 2 and 3. (Gilby, I have the idea you were giving me a chance...I think you could have beat me to it!) I was beat by the Hitchcock Blogathon yesterday and just got to this. (Hope I nail it!)
    #2 (1942 WB) Edge of Darkness, Lewis Milestone, 4/24/42 release.
    Gentleman Jim, Raoul Walsh, 11/25/42 release.

    #3 (1936) Charge of the Light Brigade, Michael Curtiz, 10/20/36 release.
    Green Light, William Keighly and William Dieterle, 5/8/37 release.

  14. Ooops -- forgot one and have question about two of them:

    #2 The Died With Their Boots On, Raoul Walsh, 1/1/42 release date -- this was obviously filmed in 41, but released in 42. Does that count?

    #3 For Green Light, it was also made in 36, but released 37. Does that count too?

  15. Who said this #1? Thelma Ritter in Boeing Boeing

  16. Hi Becks, nice try! You did get #3 with Charge of the Light Brigade, but Green Light doesn't count because we're going by release date. Charge was the only one in 1936.

    As to #2, Edge of Darkness was '43 so doesn't count. Yes, Gentleman Jim and They Died With Their Boots On were both 1942, but there's more! Keep thinking!

    And Gilby, I'm impressed! Thelma's the best thing about that movie, LOL!

  17. Recap: still need to answer questions #2 (part of), 5 and 8.

  18. #5. Duke Ellington, wrote the scores for the movies:

    The Asphalt Jungle. Cast: Sterling Hayden, Jean Hagen and James Whitmore.

    Anatomy of a Murder. Cast: James Stewart, George C. Scott, Lee Remick and Eve Arden.

  19. #2. Desperate Journey(1942). Directed by Raoul Walsh.

  20. Dawn, very good, I need only one more for #5! Apparently Ellington wrote scores for at least 4 movies, because I had forgotten about Asphalt Jungle.

    Big of the other films will be showing soon on TCM.

    For #2, you're absolutely right! Actually, Desperate Journey was not the original title, they changed it at the last minute. Free pass for next week if you can tell me the original title!