Monday, May 23, 2011

Trivia Time - Part 83

Since the world didn't end yesterday, we're back!

Answers to remaining questions from TT82:

1. Name three films that Robert Preston and Brian Donlevy made together.

Answer: Union Pacific, Beau Geste, and Wake Island.

2. Name the two films in which Robert Preston romanced Barbara Stanwyck and Susan Hayward.

Answer: Union Pacific and Wake of the Red Witch.

7. On The Adventures of Spin and Marty, what were the names of Spin's and Marty's horses?

Answer: Rick got half of this one, he was able to name Marty's horse, Skyrocket. Spin's horse was named Sailor.

New questions for TT83:

1. How many films feature both Gloria Grahame and one or more elephants? Name it/them.

2. Rick Nelson hired this up-and-coming singer/songwriter (future Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member) to write a song for the film Rio Bravo. It was not used in the film but was released as a single; it's considered a classic. Name the song and the composer.

3. Where did Patty Duke live in The Patty Duke Show?

4. In which Disney film did the Beach Boys appear?

5. Name the Errol Flynn film or films in which much of the action takes place in San Francisco.

6. Which TV star ended up buying and living in Errol Flynn's infamous party house?


  1. Hi guys! Gee, which questions do I know.....?

    #5 "Dodge City"? Just kidding.."The Sisters" is the one I know, I don't know of others offhand.

    #6 Actually, Lili Damita got it first because Errol owed her alimony. But Ricky Nelson bought and lived in it (he loved Errol Flynn).

    Joann, what are you trying to do, kill me with these pictures of Flynn? Lovely -- hope the photographer was a man!

  2. Becks, you're right about The Sisters for #5, of course, but there's one more! I'll give you a hint, it was done in the '40s.

    You got #6, good job! Since Lili was never a TV star, obviously we wanted Ricky Nelson, LOL!

    Yeah, I told JoAnn you would probably have a heart attack when you saw that pic of Flynn! I keep trying to tell her this is a family site, LOL!

  3. Becks, glad you enjoyed the photo of Errol so much! There's more where that came from, LOL!

    I saw that Tracy Nelson, Rick's daughter, was on Celebrity Ghost Stories recently so I watched it. Guess who she says she was haunted by in that house!!

    I'll bet you're jealous, LOL!

  4. #3.

    Meet Cathy, who's been most everywhere
    From Zanzibar to Barclay Square
    But Patty's only seen the sights
    A girl can see from "Brooklyn Heights"
    What a crazy pair!

  5. #1. Off the top of my head, I can think of only one: The Greatest Show on Earth (1952).

  6. #5 - isn't the other Gentleman Jim?

  7. Great work on #3, Dawn! Wow, I didn't even ask for the song....good luck trying to get it out of your head now, LOL!

    Also, you're half right about #1, because that's one of the films in question. There is at least one more, and I'll give you a huge hint: it was actually on TV today.

    beelzabub, you got the other half of #5, it is indeed Gentleman Jim! I can't believe Becks (aka our resident "Errol Flynn expert") didn't get that one!

  8. Recap: still need to answer half of # 1, as well as #s 2 and 4.

  9. 4. Is it MONKEY, GO HOME? I'm thinking it had Annette AND the Beach Boys.

  10. JoAnn, you are quite right -- that's one ghost that wouldn't scare me!

  11. Rick, regarding #4, you're right about Annette being in the movie, but that's not the correct title.

    Becks, if Flynn's old house hadn't burnt down, you'd probably be there now with your ghost hunting kit, LOL!

  12. Oops, how about THE MONKEY'S UNCLE?

  13. Rick, you got #4 on the second try, LOL! Good job!

    Recap: still need to answer half of # 1 and # 2.