Monday, December 31, 2012

The Cafe's Top Ten Posts of 2012

Is Poldark among the Cafe's Top 10?
I've always enjoyed year-end countdowns, even though they are somewhat arbitrary by nature. When determining the year's most popular songs based on sales, those tunes released at the beginning of the year have an obvious advantage. The same applies to blog posts...though that won't stop us from listing the Cafe's Top 10 Posts of 2012!

We determined our top 10 based solely on the number of unique views between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012. The use of "unique views" reduces the likelihood of including instances where one person viewed a post multiple times. If a post was reprinted from a previous year, it was excluded (otherwise Toto's Muscle Beach Party review would have been high on this list). Also, I didn't include a couple of posts just because their titles probably caused them to pop up on a lot of search engines (e.g., The Beach Boys Harmonize While Kookie Stays in Orbit).

The list below contains hyperlinks, so just click on the title if you want to read the post. Starting from #10 and working our way to our most-viewed post of the year, here we go:

Richard Bradford from Man in a Suitcase.
10. Our Favorite Celebrity Autograph Collector Talks About His Fascinating Hobby

9.  Classic Movie Dogathon: Greyfriars Bobby

8.  Man in a Suitcase: The Best Spy TV Series You May Have Never Heard Of

7.  CMBA Comedy Classics Blogathon: A Shot in the Dark

The Foxy post was read a whole lot.
6.  Poldark: Romance, Adventure, and First-Rate Drama in 18th Century Cornwall

5.  The Five Best "Outer Limits" Episodes

4.  Classic Movie Dogathon: 101 Dalmatians

3.  The Reckless Moment (1949)

2.  Foxy Brown: "She's a Whole Lotta Woman!"

1.  The Five Best "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" Episodes

That's a wrap for this year! Thanks to everyone who visited the Classic Film & TV Cafe in 2012. We look forward to more discussions on classic cinema and television in 2013.


  1. Memorable articles all. Looking so forward to the 2013 roll call.

    Happy New Year!

  2. This was my first full year at the Cafe and I loved every minute of it. Congratulations on a wonderful year of entertaining and compelling entries.

    Best of all in 2013 to all.


  3. Congratulations on a most excellent web site, Rick! It was fun to read about which articles received the most
    unique views. Happy New Year's Eve!

  4. This is always an interesting blog. You do a great job. :)

  5. What a perfect list, Rick -- I particularly liked the 5 best Outer Limits and 5 Best Hitchcock. I also liked Man in the Suitcase -- oh well, I enjoyed them all! The Cafe ruled in 2012!

  6. Great job this past year, Rick! I always get a kick out of your posts! I've passed a Blogger of the Year 2012 Award your way. See here:

  7. One of the reasons why I love spending time reading the Cafe, is that you spotlight many movies, I have never watched before.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!!