Monday, October 7, 2013

We Provide the Cast...You Name the Movie!

In this new game (for the Café anyway), we provide three cast members of a famous film and you name the movie. How easy is that?  Of course, in some cases, we tried to make it challenging by selecting lesser-known supporting players such as Whit Bissell and Richard Anderson (both of whom appeared in a ton of movies and TV series). Still, it's a relatively easy quiz--so don't look up any of the answers! (You're on the honor system.) Be sure to include the question number with your response. Please don't answer all the questions so others can play, too.

1. Richard Anderson, Mel Ferrer, Eleanor Parker.

2. Una O'Connor, Eugene Pallette, Patric Knowles.

3. Patric Knowles, Ilona Massey, Bela Lugosi.

4. Dean Martin, Whit Bissell, Robert Mitchum.

5. Whit Bissell, Richard Anderson, Ava Gardner.

6. Charles Bronson, James Coburn, Brad Dexter.

7. Jack Nicholson, Vincent Price, Boris Karloff.

8. Celeste Holm, Art Linkletter, Vincent Price.

9. Lee Remick, Richard Anderson, Angela Landsbury.

10. Fred Astaire, Anthony Perkins, Ava Gardner.

11. Charles Ruggles, Leo G. Carroll, Maureen O'Hara.

12. Grace Kelly, Jeffrey Hunter, Richard Basehart.

13. Keenan Wynn, Red Skelton, Mike Mazurki.

14. Diane Ladd, Nancy Sinatra, Bruce Dern.

15. Humphrey Bogart, Alan Hale, Miriam Hopkins.


  1. My first 3 guesses.

    #1: Scaramouche
    #11: The Parent Trap
    #15: Virginia City

  2. 6. The Magnificent Seven
    12.Fourteen Hours
    14.The Wild Angels

  3. 7. The Raven
    8. Champagne for Caesar
    9. The Long, Hot Summer

    Great quiz, Rick!

  4. Everyone's right on the money so far! Very impressive.

  5. I believe that leaves two:
    2. The Adventures of Robin Hood
    13. Neptune’s Daughter

    1. You're right and that completes all the correct answers. Too easy?

  6. #7 is House of Wax.