Monday, November 10, 2014

The Movie-TV Connection Quiz (November 2014 Edition)

What's the connection between Alan
Ladd and David Carradine?
Greetings, film and TV trivia gurus! In this game, you will once again be given be a pair of films, TV series, performers, or any combination thereof. Your task is to find the common connection between the pair. It could be anything--two stars who acted in the same movie, two movies that share a common theme, a film that inspired a TV series, etc. As always, don't answer all the questions so others can play, too. There is a single best answer for each question.

1. The James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever and John Ford's The Searchers.

2. The Absent-Minded Professor and Hoosiers.

3. The Man With the Golden Gun (another 007 pic!) and the TV series Fantasy Island.

4. The TV series Get Smart and The Love Boat.

5. The TV series Mission: Impossible and The Rat Patrol.

6. The films Francis in the Haunted House and Breakfast at Tiffany's.

7. The TV series Maverick and the movie Live and Let Die.

8. Dorothy Malone and Lana Turner.

9. The films Stalag 17 and The Thing from Another World (1951).

10. Alan Ladd and David Carradine.

11. Steve McQueen and Alan Ladd.

12. Chuck Connors and Oliver Reed.

13. David Niven and Harrison Ford.

14. The original TV series Dallas and the film The Day of the Triffids (1963).

15. The Three Stooges and The Seven Dwarfs.


  1. #1: The Wood Sisters

    #2: High School Basketball

    #4: Bernie Kopell! (Siegfried/Dr. Bricker)

    1. CW, once again, you've gotten the quiz off to a great start! Interestingly, Natalie and Lana were in THE SEARCHERS, playing the same character at different ages.

  2. #13 The Guns of Navarone (1961 Niven) and its sequel Force 10 from From Navarone (1978, Ford)

  3. #10 Shane the movie (Ladd) and Shane the TV series (Carradine)

  4. I will leave the rest for others -- nice quiz, thanks!

  5. 9. James Arness and Peter Graves, brothers.
    5. Linda Day George and Christopher George, husband and wife.

  6. 8. Lana Turner played Constance MacKenzie in the film Peyton Place and Dorothy Malone played that character on TV's Peyton Place -- both are 'my' vintage.

  7. 15. - Snow White and the Three Stooges (1961) right when their popularity was gaining again with the younger set.

  8. 11. Steve McQueen played a younger Nevada Smith in the film of the same name. Alan Ladd had played the older Nevada Smith in the film The Carpetbaggers.

    1. Beachgal, very impressive...especially on getting #15!

  9. Here's a recap: All questions have been answered except for #12.

  10. #12: I'll give it a try: Chuck Connors starred in a 1987 TV series called "Werewolf". Oliver Reed starred in a 1961 film called "The Curse of the Werewolf".

  11. I like these quizzes. This one is almost like "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon".