Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Very Merry MeTV Blogathon of Holiday Favorites

The Classic TV Blog Association and MeTV are collaborating on a another classic TV blogathon--this time with a holiday theme!

Starting on Monday, November 16th and continuing through Christmas night, MeTV will air holiday episodes of classic television series every weeknight from 9:00 to 10:00 pm ET/PT. Concurrently, members of the Classic TV Blog Association will write about their favorite episodes. The Cafe's staff will be writing about Christmas-themed episodes of Family Affair and The Love Boat (and maybe more). Click here to check out the complete blogathon schedule.

If you want to participate, you need to be a member of the Classic TV Blog Association. That's not hard...and you'll meet some great TV bloggers, too. Just send an e-mail to:


  1. This is a fun and classic way to celebrate the holidays!

  2. We get partial MEtv--whatever the local NBC station wants to show us is what we get. So, from 8pm to 11pm, we get things like "Bones", "The Office", "Two and a Half Men", "How I Met Your Mother", "The Walking Dead" and "The Closer". Aren't we lucky in our area to watch such crappy shows???