Monday, May 22, 2017

The African Queen Rides Into Adventure with Bogart and Hepburn

Guest blogger Chris Cummins from MovieFanFare pays tribute to a Bogey-Hepburn classic:

Released on December 23, 1951, The African Queen (based on the C.S. Forester novel of the same name) is a cinematic masterpiece that is highlighted by unforgettable lead performances from Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn. Directed by John Huston, this classic blend of drama, action, and romance stars Humphrey Bogart (who won his only Oscar for this role) as a hard-drinking boat captain who takes aboard prim British missionary Katharine Hepburn in WWI-era Africa. Determined to travel down a treacherous river to sink a German gunboat, the unlikely couple is drawn together as they set their seemingly impossible plan in motion. 

The African Queen features romantic tension, a supporting cast that includes Robert Morley and Theodore Bikel, and a stunning third act. It regularly makes top ten lists of the best films from the Golden Age of Hollywood. We’ve included the film’s original theatrical trailer below. If you’ve somehow missed seeing this film event over the years, we encourage you taking a voyage aboard The African Queen. It’s a trip that is always worth taking.


  1. A grand look a wonderful, must-see movie. It was a time when the Oscars got it right. Bogie is perfection as Charlie Allnut.

  2. Wow, I thought Monty Clift and Marlon Brando were each more deserving of the Oscar that year than Bogie was. And shockingly, Robert Walker wasn't even nominated for Strangers on a Train.

  3. This is a great movie indeed. Terrific performances, even though I don't really think this role suits Bogart particularly well. I am yet to read the book the movie is based on. I am sure it is as good.

  4. It's always worth a trip on the African Queen. I hope your post will encourage the folks who've never seen it before, to drop everything and see it ASAP. I really like the chemistry between Hepburn and Bogart.