Sunday, December 31, 2017

Top Ten Posts of 2017

As the year draws to a close, the Classic Film & TV Cafe traditionally ends it with a countdown of our ten most viewed posts. We published a total of 104 in 2017. Naturally, the countdown is a little skewed, since those posts that came out at the start of the year will have more views. But that won't stop us...we love year-end lists!

We included only posts that were originally published during 2017. If we had not, The Five Best "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" Episodes would have crushed the competition (as always). We also omitted our monthly quizzes. To build a little suspense, we'll begin at No. 10 and work our way to No. 1.

But before we get started, we want to thank each of you who visited this blog this year and send some extra love to those who took the time to leave comments.

10. Cloris Leachman Channels Garfield; Peter Graves Arm Wrestles Clint Walker

9.  Seven Things to Know About Raymond Burr

8.  Working with Steve McQueen on "Le Mans": An Interview with Don Nunley

7.  Seven Things to Know About Lloyd Bridges

6.  Logan's Run: What Lies Beyond the Dome

5.  The Five Best Jack Lemmon Performances

4.  The Case of the Color "Perry Mason" Episode

3.  Nighthawks Made Me a Winner!

2.  Celebrate National Classic Movie Day with the Five Stars Blogathon!

1.  Seven Things to Know About William Smith--Actor, Bodybuilder, Poet (and more!)

Heather Menzies Urich & Dick Gautier.
Finally, we want to pay homage to two very special celebrities who passed away in 2017. Dick Gautier and Heather Menzies Urich were kind enough to share their time with us and discuss their amazing careers in television and film (click on their names to read the interviews). They helped make Get Smart and The Sound of Music, respectively, the classics that they are!


  1. Thanks for another great year. Here's looking forward to 2018!

    1. And I'm looking forward to another year of reading your wonderful blog.

  2. This is a surprising list! I did not think the post on William Smith would be #1, but I did expect the Classic Movie Day to rank very highly.

    Happy New Year, Rick, and best wishes for 2018!

    1. To clarify, the Will Smith article is good and deserves top ranking, I was just surprised. You wrote many, many excellent essays this year, as always. :)

    2. William Smith fans promoted it extensively and it crushed our blog's record for the most views in a single day!

  3. I think it is especially fun to read your number posts (seven things or five best). I also noticed that your readers love Raymond Burr. Me, too! Well done, Rick!

  4. I went back through and read your posts, most of which I had missed during this difficult year. Everything you do here shows class, Rick, and always has. I look forward to more in 2018!