Monday, February 22, 2021

The Alternate Movie Title Game (Bogie Edition)

Here are the rules: We will provide an "alternate title" for a Humphrey Bogart film and ask you to name the actual film. Most of these are pretty easy. Please answer no more than three questions per day so others can play. You may have an answer other than the intended one--just be able to defend it!

1.  Everybody Comes to Rick's.

2.  Charlie & Rose.

3.  The Outlaw John Murrell.

4.  Quest for Blood!

5.  A Snake Called Adolphe.

6.  The Chauffeur's Daughter.

7.  Black Tunnel.

8.  The 8666th M*A*S*H.

9.  The Impending Storm.

10. The Lulu Belle.

11. Badges.

12. Trees of Stones.

13. Slim.

14. Court Martial!

15. Glove on the Canvas.


  1. #3: Virginia City (your title made me laugh out loud)
    #5: We're No Angels (it's snowing here so I might as well watch a Christmas movie)
    #15: The Harder They Fall (one of my dad's faves - although, I can't think of a Bogie movie he didn't love)

    1. Three right answers. Thanks for getting this quiz off to a great start!

  2. 6. Sabrina
    12. The Petrified Forest
    14. The Caine Mutiny

  3. 4. Return of Doctor X
    8. Battle Circus
    11. Treasure of the Sierra Madre

    1. Nicely done on all three! I suspect Return of Dr. X is one of Bogart's more obscure movies.


  4. 1. Casablanca; 2. The African Queen; 6, Sabrina; 12. The Petrified Forest; 13. Yo Have and Have Not; 14. The Caine Mutiny

    1. Rules are to answer three only so more people can play!

  5. Replies
    1. Great job...and that concludes this month’s game. Thanks to everyone who played!