Monday, February 27, 2023

The Movie Quote Game (Film Noir Edition)

This month, we're focusing on quotes from film noir. We will list a quote from a famous film noir and ask you to name it. Try to answer these questions on your own without resorting to Google searches. As always, please answer no more than three questions per day so others can play.  If you have a response other than the intended one, just be able to defend it.

1. "I get the general idea. She was a tramp from a long line of tramps."

2. "We go together, Annie. I don't know why. Maybe like guns and ammunition go together."

3. "See how easy it is to hook them? Stock reading. Fits anybody. Never misses. What's youth? Happy one minute, hungry and heart broken the next. Every boy has a dog. Every boy has a beautiful old gray haired mother. Everybody, except maybe me."

4. "An old lady on Main Street last night picked up a shoe. The shoe had a foot in it. We're gonna make you pay for that mess."

5. "I'd hate to take a bite out of you. You're a cookie full of arsenic."

6. "Well, build my gallows high, baby."

7. "Keep on riding me and they're gonna be picking iron out of your liver."

8. "The poor dope. He always wanted a pool. Well, in the end, he got himself a pool."

9. "I have to go on making a living so I can die. But even a fancy funeral ain't worth waiting for if I've gotta do business with crumbs like you."

10. "If he were mean or vicious or if he'd bawl me out or something, I'd like him better."

11. "What's the matter? You look like you've been on a hayride with Dracula."

12. "That's life. Whichever way you turn, Fate sticks out a foot to trip you."

13. "Oh, well, you're about as romantic as a pair of handcuffs."

14. "I've done a lot of lying in my time. I've lied to men who wear belts. I've lied to men who wear suspenders. But I'd never be so stupid as to lie to a man who wears both belt and suspenders."

15. "Kiss me, Mike. I want you to kiss me. Kiss me. The liar's kiss that says I love you, and means something else."


  1. 2. Gun Crazy
    5. Sweet Smell of Success
    7. The Maltese Falcon (1941)

    1. Great start to this month's game, Jerome! I love that quote from Sweet Smell of Success.


    1. Well done! Out of the Past is my favorite noir and chock full of quotable dialogue.

  3. Thanks for another fun quiz. Here goes:
    3. Nightmare Alley (The Tyrone Power original)
    9. Pickup on South Street (said by the great Thelma Ritter)

  4. Very impressed you got the quote from Pickup on South Street. Terrific movie, but not as well known as many noirs.

  5. All I got is 3) Nightmare Alley and 8) Sunset Blvd.

  6. Still looking for answers to 10, 11, 12, and 13. One of my Twitter followers answered #14, which is from Ace in the Hole.

    By the way, I deleted one response because the person answered more than three questions. I ask that anyone playing my games to please read the brief rules first.

  7. 11. This Gun For Hire
    13. The Big Heat

  8. late to the game, but # 12 (Detour) is one of my noir favorites. Ann Savage's career best IMO.

    1. The phone cord scene in Detour is a classic, too!

  9. Replies
    1. Scarlet Street is oen of Fritz Lang's best...too bad he had to modify the ending to satisfy the censors.

  10. That wraps up this month's game. Thanks to everyone who played!