Monday, May 29, 2023

The Alternate Movie Title Game (Private Eye Edition)

Here are the rules: We will provide an "alternate title" for a private eye film and ask you to name it. Most of these are pretty easy. Please answer no more than three questions per day so others can play. You may have an answer other than the intended one--just be able to defend it!

1. Homicide, My Lollipop.  (An easy one to start!)

2. Don't Pick Iron Outta My Liver.

3. The Keyhole Camera.

4. The Water Wars.

5. Winslow Wong Gets His Kicks.

6. A Boat Going in Circles.

7. Margo and Ira.

8. The Light from the Box.

9. Bree.

10. The Roman P.I.  (Not one of my best!)

11. General Sternwood's Daughter.

12. A Man Called Peckinpaugh.

13. The Cat That Won't Cop Out.

14. It's Not Archer.  (This one may be difficult!)

15. A Lengthy Farewell.


  1. I'm first today? It must be because of the holiday. Anyway...

    4. Chinatown
    6. Night Moves
    15. The Long Goodbye

    1. And you got this game off to a rousing start with three correct answers!

  2. 8. Kiss Me Deadly
    11. The Big Sleep

  3. 1 Murder my Sweet
    3 Lady in the Lake
    14 Twilight (1994) with Paul Newman

  4. #1 is correct, but there are better answers for 3 and 14.

  5. Well, here goes:

    5. Marlowe (1969) with James Garner and, as Winslow, Bruce Lee.
    13. Shaft (the 1971 original, of course).
    14. Harper (1966), where Paul Newman changed Lew Archer's surname to keep his streak of "H" titled films alive.

    1. Spot on, Al. Too bad Bruce Lee wasn't in more of Marlowe.

  6. 7 The Late Show with Art Carney & Lily Tomlin
    9 Klute with Jane Fonda as Bree
    12 The Cheap Detective

  7. 2, 3, and 10 still need answers!

  8. Well, if no one else wants to take a crack at it...

    2. The Maltese Falcon (1941)

  9. 3 Under Suspicion (1991) with Liam Neeson
    10 Hammett (1982) by Wim Wenders

  10. 3 My Favorite Brunette
    10 Dead Again

  11. #10 was a pretty bad alternate title. The answer was Tony Rome.