Monday, July 10, 2023

The Alternate Movie Title Game (Musicals Edition)

Here are the rules: We will provide an "alternate title" for a movie musical and ask you to name the actual film. Most of these are pretty easy. Please answer no more than three questions per day so others can play. You may have an answer other than the intended one--just be able to defend it!

1. Columbia Inn.

2. A Man Named Detroit.

3. I Am Going to Like It Here.

4. Avalanche in Echo Pass!

5. The Think System.

6. The Parish Boy's Progress (this might be a little difficult).

7. Umbrella, Brooms, and Kites.

8. Chance Is a Fool's Name for Fate.

9. A Whole Lot of Young Ladies.

10. Faust: The Musical.

11. The Road to Rome (there may be more than one answer).

12. Dancin' When Wet.

13. Hank and the King (another potentially hard one).

14. Daisy or Melinda?

15. The Student Witch.


  1. Replies
    1. Phantom of the Paradise certainly works. There is also another famous musical that is an acceptable answer.

  2. Most of these are "pretty easy"? At least there are three I'm somewhat sure about:

    2. Guys and Dolls
    7. Mary Poppins
    12: Singin' In The Rain

    1. Well, this quiz may be harder than I thought--but you got it off to a great start with three correct answers!

  3. I'm not very musical, but here goes...

    10. Damn Yankees
    11. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
    13. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (the '49 version with Bing Crosby)

    1. For not very musical, you did very well! #13 is correct and your responses work for 10 and 11--though there are other answers as well.

  4. 4. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

  5. Replies
    1. Great job! I think this was one of the most difficult ones because the alternate title could have applied to other films--but The band Wagon is what I had in mind.

  6. 14. On A Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970)

    1. I'm impressed, as On a Clear Day is a not a widely-shown musical despite starring Barbra Streisand.

  7. Only four questions still need answers: 3, 9, 11, and 15. One of them is a Rodgers & Hammerstein musical.

  8. #3 Annie (she sings 'I Think I'm Gonna Like it Here')
    #11 Jupiter's Darling (based on the play 'The Road to Rome')
    #15 Bedknobs and Broomsticks (with fabulous Dame Angela Lansbury!)

  9. You're correct on 11 and 15 (which were very hard). Annie certainly works for 3, but so does a Rodgers & Hammerstein musical.

  10. #3 just came to me!! Flower Drum Song!! Your R&H hint did it!

  11. 9 Girls! Girls! Girls! with Elvis Presley

    1. I'm impressed, Thomas!

      That wraps up this month's game. Thanks to everyone who played!