Sunday, June 27, 2010

This Week's Poll: What is your favorite Film Noir that "played" at the Cafe this month?

To close out the Cafe's Film Noir Festival this month, I thought it'd be fun to do a poll asking readers to pick their favorite film noir. Alas, I quickly realized that there are too many choices and no fair way to reduce the nominees to a reasonable number. Therefore, I'm cheating (sort of) by limiting to the nominees to some of the movies that were reviewed by the Cafe's contributors this month. It's an impressive list of classic film noir pictures and lesser-known ones with loyal fans. Instead of describing each film, I've linked the titles to the reviews at the Cafe. Just click on the title to go to the link.

Beware, My Lovely

Clash By Night

Double Indemnity

Kiss Me Deadly


The Narrow Margin

Out of the Past

Whistle Stop

Please keep in mind that this poll is not about which review you liked best (hey, they're all good!). It's about which of the above nominees is your favorite film noir. To vote, go to the green sidebar on the right.


  1. Love this idea, Rick. I love participating in the polls and trivia contests here at the Cafe. Now, to my dilemma - my favorite film noir is also the one I did a post on - the decision haunts me. I feel shadows gathering and hear tension-filled music as I sit at my desk, my forehead beaded with sweat - I strike a match and light a cigarette with shaking hands - suddenly I hear a knock at the door - who could it be at this late hour - perhaps my conscience is coming for a visit - hmmm, whatever shall I do?.......

  2. Great poll idea! I am voting for one of my all time favorites.