Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trivia Time - Part 40

Wow, can it be true? This is the 40th edition of Trivia Time? How time flies. This week will be a little different, so you have been warned!

Who Am I #1. Though I'm known for more than acting, I've been in a few films. I've worked with Bogart, Jane Russell, Vincent Price, and Dana Andrews, among others. Who Am I ?

#1. Who am I and Dana made two films together. Name them.

#2. Who were the directors?

Who Am I #2. My first film was as "a standiin" in the silent flim Way Down East. I worked in film and TV and my last film was in 1966. I've worked with among others, James Stewart, Jane Russell, Clif,f Robertson, Lionel Barrymore Brain Keith, and Elvis. Who Am I ?

#3.Who did I Stand in for in Way Down East?

#4. Besides Marilyn Monroe, who are the two female co-stars in The Seven Year Itch?

# 5 What was the film Tom Ewell did with Tyrone Power? How was he "billed"?

#6. In the 20th Century-Fox film The Kid from Left Field , who played "The Kid"?

Who Am I #3. I've done both film and TV. I've worked with Anne Bancroft, Gary Cooper, Dan Dailey, Robert Stack, Tony Bill, Bogart, and Dana Andrews among others. Who Am I ?

#7. What classic low-budget early 50's Sci Fi film was Who Am I #3 in?

#8. What two future huge TV stars have parts in the film The Kid from Left Field?

#9. What were the names of their shows?

#10. What classic Film Noir did Delmer Davis direct? Who were the stars?


Dawn said...

#10. One of the films was, Dark Passage (1947). With: Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

Dawn said...

#4. Evelyn Keyes and Marguerite Chapman.

Paul 2 said...

Dawn, very good you are correct.

Kimberly J.M. Wilson said...

#6 Billy Chapin

#8 & #9 Fess Parker (Daniel Boone) and Lloyd Bridges (Sea Hunt)

Paul 2 said...

Kim, Good work, you are correct.BTW Fess should have been Davey Crockett, but I'll take Daniel Boone too.

Gilby37 said...

Una merkel in Who Am I #2. She was Lillian Gish's Stand in for Way Down East

Paul 2 said...

Gilby, good work

sazball said...

who am I #1: Hoagy carmichael
#1. Best Years of Our Lives; Canyon Passage
#2. William Wyler; Jacques Tourneur

sazball said...

#5. American guerilla in the Philippines; billed 3rd as Tom Ewell playing Jim mitchell

Paul 2 said...

Saz, welcome back. Your right as always. for #2. I forgot (gasp)about Canyon Passage, I was looking for John Cromwell's, Night Song. Saz you keep me Honest