Monday, June 20, 2011

Trivia Time - Part 87

Here are the answers to the unanswered (or partially answered) questions from TT86:

Who Said This and in Which Film? "You're about the sexiest bozo ever to wear to a funny blue dress." Who Said This and in Which Film?

Answer: Robbie Benson said it to Lynn Holly Johnson in Ice Castles.

2. Name the film in which Annette O'Toole and Robbie Benson appeared together.

Answer: One on One

3. Andy Devine and Janet Gaynor appeared together in (at least) two '30s films for William Wellman. Name them.

Answer: A Star is Born (1937) and Small Town Girl (1936)

5. Name three films in which characters played by Robert Mitchum met their demise in automobiles.

Answers: DKoren came up with two - Out of the Past and Angel Face; the other two possible answers for the third film are Thunder Road or The Friends of Eddie Coyle.

7. Which Bond girl was a former professional ballet dancer?

Answer: Jane Seymour (Live and Let Die).

And here is TT87.....some easy questions here! And of course we have to have a picture of Errol Flynn, not only for Becks, but because today is his birthday!

Who Are We?
I was known as one of the most athletic actors of my day, yet when I tried to enter the military in WWII I was found to be physically unfit. One of my closest friends (also an actor) made a scathing comment to the press about people who play heroes in the movies but won't fight in real life, not knowing about my health problems. Who Are We?

Who Said This In Which Film? Person #1 "Wings? I don't have wings!" Person #2: "Of course not. You're a boy." Who Said This In Which Film?

Who Am I? I'm an actress who made two films for John Cromwell, and I was also in one of Elvis' first films. Who Am I?

1. Name the two films Who Am I? made for John Cromwell.

2. The 1937 film Ballerina was remade at least once. Name the first remake and give the original title of Ballerina.

3. Aside from The Adventures of Robin Hood, name at least one film in which Errol Flynn appeared that was a remake of an earlier movie.

4. Name the child star who morphed into a "femme fatale" in a Nunnally Johnson film.

5. After leaving Warner Brothers, Humphrey Bogart started his own production company. Name the production company and his first two films.

6, Robert Mitchum and Richard Jordan made two films together. Name the films and the directors.


  1. Hm, you say easy, but these stumped me except for 4... which is I think might be Peggy Ann Garner in Black Widow, but I'm not 100% on that.

  2. Hey, D, you are absolutely correct on the Peggy Ann Garner answer for #4! I'm impressed...that one was NOT one of easy ones, LOL!

  3. For 2. The original title for "Ballerina" is "La mort du cygne" and it was remade as "The Unfinished Dance" with Margaret O'Brien at her brattiest!

    As for no. 3, both the "Prince and the Pauper" and "Adventures Don Juan" have several earlier versions, but I'm not sure if there are more.

  4. 6. THE YAKUZA (one of my favorite Mitchum films) and THE FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE.

  5. Welcome, jnpickens! And good job on #s 2 and 3! You are correct on both of them! As to any additional answers for #3, we know of one more: Dawn Patrol. The original was a 1930 Howard Hawks film by the same name.

    Rick, you got the titles right, but you forgot to name the directors of the films in #6! What's up with that?

  6. Recap: still need to answer all of the "Whos, plus #s 1, 5, and part of 6.

  7. Who Am I: Sounds like Errol Flynn, but I'm still working on what friend might have said to him (maybe Bruce Bennett?)

    #5 - Appropriately enough, it was Santana Productions.

    Oh, JoAnn, what shoulders on Errol! You know it's funny, but a man's shoulders are one of the things that attracts me to him. They don't have to be muscled, just straight and well-postured. Is that weird?

  8. Becky, you're right about part of Who Are We, the person who was classified 4F in WWII was Errol Flynn, but the pal we're thinking of who made the nasty comment to the press was not Bruce Bennett.

    You also got part of #5, the name of Bogart's production company. Do you know the names of his first two films through Santana Productions?

    Glad you like the Flynn photo....yes, he definitely had amazing shoulders on him, didn't he? :)

  9. #5 - Bogie's first two films with Santana I think were "Tokyo Joe" and "In a Lonely Place"... He's one of my all time favorites ...

  10. Also for #5, I'm pretty sure Santana was the name of his yacht as well as the name of the boat in "Key Largo"

  11. Welcome Dave! You're right about Santana being the name of his sailboat and the boat in Key Largo! And you're also correct about Tokyo Joe being one of the first two films from Santana was actually the second one. Unfortunately In a Lonely Place was not one of the first two, but it is a great film!

    I'll give you a HUGE clue...the first one introduced a hot young actor who later became a director! Does that help?

  12. Paul, you are so demanding! Sydney Pollack did YAKUZA and Peter Yates EDDIE COYLE.

  13. Rick, you think I'm being demanding because I want you to answer the ENTIRE question, LOL!?!

    Well, anyway....we have a winner! Thanks for giving the rest of the answer to #6!

  14. Recap: still need to answer part of Who Are We?, Who Said This in Which Film?, Who Am I?, plus #1, and part of #5.

  15. I'm just commenting, Paul, to thank you for that picture of Jane Seymour.

  16. #5 - Got it ... The second film, actually the first film with Santana Productions, was "Knock on Any Door" (1949) with John Derek. That was a good question requiring a little brain power. Thanks ...

  17. For the "Who said this ..." - Is it from "The Neverending Story" (1984)???

  18. Sark, you're welcome...JoAnn's glad you like the picture of Jane Seymour. She selects the pictures for Trivia Time (especially pics of Errol Flynn to drive Becks crazy!).

    Dave, yes, you're right about #5....congrats! Unfortunately for Who Said This?, you have the right genre but the wrong picture. Keep thinking!