Sunday, December 4, 2011

Trivia Time 104

Here are the leftovers from last week. Not a bad week overall…there were more questions answered than not! Thanks to all who participated!

5. Name the Olivia de Havilland films in which Ward Bond makes an appearance. Name the leading men in each film.

Answers: Gone With The Wind (Clark Gable), Dodge City (Errol Flynn), Santa Fe Trail (Errol Flynn).

6. This '60s game show producer liked to use former DJs as hosts for his shows. Name him and his two famous DJ hosts.

Answers: Jerome took a shot at this one and got half credit for doing so; I was looking for Chuck Barris (as the producer), Jim Lang, and Bob Eubanks.

7. Which classic game show host is featured in a Weird Al video?

Answer: Art Fleming (the original host of Jeopardy).

9. In which major '60s film did Jim Hutton have a small uncredited part? What was the part? Name the stars of the film.

Answers: Sunday in New York; Hutton played a guy in a rowboat with a radio; Jane Fonda, Rod Taylor, Cliff Robertson, and Robert Culp.

13. Name the DJ from KRLA in Pasadena, CA and his long-running TV show.

Answers: Bob Eubanks, The Newlywed Game.

And here is Trivia Time 104; no worries, it's short and sweet...enjoy!

1. Name at least two well-known character actors who worked with both Tyrone Power and Errol Flynn, and name the films in question.

2. In which James Stewart film is Richard Loo featured?

3. Name three James Stewart films directed by Anthony Mann which are NOT Westerns.

4. Name James Stewart's female co-stars in the films in #3.

5. Name a film with a score by Miles Davis.

6. While making The Brady Bunch, which other TV show did Robert Reed work on simultaneously?

7. Who Said This in Which Film? "Who's the pale copper Apollo?"

8. Name the actor who played the "pale copper Apollo" in the above movie.


Anonymous said...

#5 Miles Davis wrote music for Louis Malle's "Ascenseur pour l'échafaud (Elevator to the Gallows).

Paul 2 said...

Taci, you are correct, good work.

Grand Old Movies said...

#3,4: Thunder Bay, w/Joanne Dru; Glenn Miller Story, w/June Allyson; Strategic Air Command, also w/Allyson

Paul 2 said...

Grand Old Movies, Thats right. Good job

Kimberly J.M. Wilson said...

6. Mannix, as Lt. Tobias

Paul 2 said...

Hi Kim , thats correct. I wondered if people would remember that he was on Mannix.