Sunday, May 13, 2012

15 Greatest TV Characters of the 1960s: Mr. Spock

Name: Spock (his full Vulcan name is unpronounceable)

Portrayed by: Leonard Nimoy

TV series: Star Trek (1966-69); later appeared in various TV series and films.

Occupation: Science Officer and First Officer, U.S.S. Enterprise. In later films and series, he became a Captain and, after retirement, an Ambassador for the Federation.

Family and Friends: Born in 2230 on Shi'Kahr to Sarek, a Vulcan ambassador, and Amanda Grayson, a human. He and his father did not speak for 18 years after Spock joined Starfleet. His older half-brother Sybok was ostracized from Vulcan for rejecting logic and later died battling an evil alien entity. Spock was betrothed to T'Pring from childhood, but they did not marry. He fell in love in the episodes "All Our Yesterdays" and "This Side of Paradise" as a result of, respectively, time travel and alien spores.Spock's best friends are James T. Kirk and Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy.

Talents: Can join telepathically with other lifeforms using the Vulcan mind-meld. Skilled hand-to-hand fighter who can employ the Vulcan nerve-pinch.

Trademarks: Being logical. Pointy ears. Raising one brow in puzzlement.

Classic quotes: "Fascinating."  "Live long and prosper."  "It is curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want."  "Your illogical approach to chess does have its advantages on occasion, Captain."

Classic episodes: "Amok Time" (Spock returns to Vulcan to wed); "A Piece of the Action" (Spock as a gangster); "The Galileo Seven."


  1. Now we're talking! Spock is definitely a character for the ages. Great choice, good write-up. Love your selection of Spock "Trademarks." To which I'd add: calmly winding up Dr. McCoy, and kicking ass and taking names in innumerable fight scenes.

  2. LOVE HIM! Spock never goes out of style!

    I imagined hearing his voice as I read the details of the post - most illogical.


  3. Great post about a character no one can forget! Mr. Spock made "Star Trek" a hit. Leonard Nimoy was perfect in this role. With the universe as the setting, the writers could be as creative as they wanted.

  4. Like William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy is indelibly linked to Spock, a case of actor blending perfectly with character. Always wished I could do that raising-one-eyebrow trick of his...

  5. Well, he's okay, but he's no Tuvok. Don't throw anything. I'm kidding! The impact of Spock on the television universe is immeasurable. LLAP, Mr. Nimoy.

  6. Ah, Spock, you continue to live and prosper on such shows as The Big Bang Theory. Dr. Sheldon Cooper is obviously a descendant.

  7. Love Spock...BIG TREK fan!!!! Clever show and very intelligent character or should I say very logical? He is the logical choice to add to your list Rick. Live long and prosper!...holding my fingers in the Vulcan way..