Monday, December 24, 2012

2012 Grand, Deluxe, Year-ending Classic Movie Quiz!

I know what you're thinking--you'd sure like an intellectually challenging classic movie quiz to end the year. You're in luck! Below we have described the plots of 25 classic films; all you have to do is identify the movie. Actually, many of these are pretty easy--but there may be a few challenging ones.

If you answer a question, please include its number in your response. Please don't answer all the questions at once--let other people have fun, too! Use of references is allowed--but I didn't use any to write the questions.

If you're grading yourself:  22-25 correct answers means that your huge brain is filled with massive amounts of movie knowledge. If all the Jeopardy categories were movies, you'd be rich! 18-22 means you're a classic film authority who routinely amazes your friends. Any score over 12 is pretty impressive; pat yourself on your back and give yourself a heart hip-hip-hooray. Good luck to all!

1.  Young man's girlfriend dresses inappropriately at social event.

2.  Unmarried couple finds creative use for bed sheet.

3.  Middle-aged man's girlfriend visits his hometown and makes a spectacular entrance.

4.  Young Jewish man of few words has show biz aspirations.

5.  Man falls in love with brother's widow--only he knows she's not a widow!

6.  Leopard escapes and roams countryside; laughs ensue.

7.  Leopard escapes and roams city; terror ensues (but the leopard isn't to blame).

8.  Spy uses light bulb cord to reveal secrets.

9.  Famous cook can't cook; Felix comes to the rescue.

10. Vampire learns windmills are bad news.

11. Writer finds kidnapped victim in windmill.

12. Big party on a boat turns into a bust.

13. Dog becomes private eye to pursue his murderer.

14. Dog suffers from stress caused by World War II.

15. Nun plays tennis.

16. Couple has splashing fun in a fountain!

17. Police captain and nightclub owner forge new friendship.

18.  A guy's friends claim to be him--because they admire him.

19. Ruthless criminal loves his mother a lot.

20. A visit to the Magic Mirror Maze turns into a real bummer.

21. Couple eats candy and winds up married.

22. Non-human couple adopts a whole bunch of youngsters.

23. Cat narrates the story of her life.

24. Mean plants don't like sea water.

25. Pia Zadora helps St. Nick defeat some baddies.


  1. All right I'll try to start things off correctly:
    #4 - The Jazz Singer
    #6 - Bringing Up Baby

  2. Oh - #1 Jezabel

  3. Wow I can't think of any of them. good list. I am stumped.

  4. Ok Rick just off the top of my head,
    #9. Christmas In CN
    #12. Posiden Adventure
    #19. White Heat
    #20. Lady From Shanghi
    #25 Santa Claus Concours The Martians
    #1 Jezabel
    #2 It Happened One Night.

  5. Beez and Paul, you are correct on all counts. (And thanks for leaving some questions for others!). Merry Christmas.

  6. 23: The Three lives of Thomasina
    20: The Lady from Shanghai
    19: Psycho
    17: Casablanca
    6: Bringing Up Baby
    4: The Jazz Singer
    2: It Happened One Night
    1: Jezebel

    That's off the top of my head, I'm going to have to mull over the others a bit! Thanks for this fun quiz!

    1. Lara, very impressive! Although PSYCHO may work for #19, there is a better response. After all, Norman wasn't very ruthless--except when he was his Mom!

  7. First of all, Merry Christmas to all! Thanks for some fun with films on Christmas, Rick!

    7. The Leopard Man
    13. You Never Can Tell
    14. The Courage of Lassie
    15. Come to the Stable
    18. Spartacus
    21. Lover Come Back
    24. Day of the Triffids

    1. Outstanding job, Toto--especially with SPARTACUS and COURAGE OF LASSIE!

  8. Doggone it! I came in so late that I don't know the ones that are left! sob*sob Numbers 3 and 5 are killing me -- I KNOW I know them, but I can't prove it! Hope I can redeem myself soon by letting the old bean roam through memory banks for a while.

  9. Hey, I thought of one -- I think White Heat fits #19 best.

  10. Shucks...most of the ones I solved others have solved before me. Here's a guess on a few of what's left -

    #7 Rampage
    #9 Christmas in Connecticut
    #11 Foreign Correspondant
    #12 Poseidon Adventure
    #13 All Dogs Go to Heaven
    #16 La Dolce Vita
    #22 101 Dalmations

    And you say #19 isn't Psycho? Hmm....

    1. That's awesome that you got LA DOLCE VITA and 101 DALMATIANS! I wasn't sure if anyone would get those, especially Fellini's film. Your other answers are also correct except for #7 and #13. Your choices may fit, too, but I was actually thinking of other films.

  11. Recap: I think all answers have been given except for 3, 5, 8, and 10. You people are good!

  12. Okay, I'm late to the game, so I'll see what I can do with the remaining ones:

    #8 Sounds like it could be Stalag 17 (Peter Graves as the spy)

    #10 Brides of Dracula (Hammer Films!) It just feels like we were cheated with that sort of demise.

    #3 & #5 have me stumped, but they sound so familiar. I'll let them gestate & see if it comes to me.

    Great (tough) quiz.

    1. Excellent! You are right on both STALAG 17 AND BRIDES OF DRACULA!

  13. Rah Rah Fulmer -- Excellent, especially Stalage 17! Now, Rick, earlier in comments you will see that I said Nos. 3 and 5 were the sticking points. They still are! I say further hints are in order. What do you say, fellow trivia-masters? Let's picket Rick! More hints! More hints!

  14. #3 is an epic. #5 is a Warners film made in the 1940s with a couple of big name stars.

  15. No. 3 -- CLEOPATRA! Must be! Right? If so, that is a truly great summary!

    1. Oh that's so sneaky. Well done.
      #5 The Great Lie with Bette Davis? I sort of cheated and discussed it with my Dad, so he get's credit (if correct).

    2. There may be multiple movies that fit that description, to include THE GREAT LIE. The one I was thinking of when I wrote it was a Barbara Stanwyck suspense film.

  16. Could I really have had trouble with this one? Is it Cry Wolf with Errol Flynn? I think so. The worst part is I JUST watched this a couple weeks ago. OK, that's my guess. If I'm right, may The Great Flynn forgive me -- after all, I'm older now than he ever got to be, and my memory shows it!

  17. Rick, since you are a fellow Flynn great fan, you must be ASHAMED of me! Mea culpa. Wouldn't you know the last one I get is the first one I SHOULD have gotten? And, this is the BEST quiz you have ever done! Bravo!

  18. Becky, I am impressed that you got it! In hindsight, some of my descriptions were too vague. I am glad that the collective brain trust of the excellent commenters got all 25 film titles.