Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We Describe the Movie...You Name It!

This is our 4th edition of this type of quiz. The rules are easy: Name each film below based on our vague description. Be sure to include the question number with your response. Please don't answer all the questions so others can play, too. There is one film that is the single best answer to each description.

1. Young man falls in love with his aunt (!)...but he doesn't trust her.

2. At the snap of one's fingers, a klutz becomes a master swordsman.

3. Newlyweds have trouble leaving town; the groom shoots people at the climax.

4. Young girl displays unique talent of spinning her head 180 degrees.

5. Compelling evidence that the 1968 Mustang had good shock absorbers.

6. Newlywed can't get along with the head of the housekeeping staff.

7. A bottle of 1934 Pommard.

8. Woman learns about men by reading a dog training book.

9. Don't take that brain!

10. That lovely green dress...kinda looks like your old curtains!

11. The only film in cinema history featuring a mermaid and a motorcycle gang.

12. Guy tells girlfriend not to fall asleep, but then she does and he gets really upset!

13. Milady Soap: "The soap that sanctifies."

14. Happy Soap. (Two soap questions...what a squeaky clean quiz!)

15. And in a powerful scene, a man tries to pawn his typewriter.


  1. I'm glad I'm the first one today! Let's see the ones I know:
    3- High Noon (the bride also shoots!)
    4- The Exorcist?
    9- Young Frankenstein
    10- Gone with the wind?

    That's it :(

    1. Awesome job with getting HIGH NOON (plus the extra info)! You're right on all four questions, though there's a better answer for #9.

  2. Cool quiz! Wish I'd seen the previous entries!

    2. The Court Jester
    6. Rebecca
    9. Frankenstein?
    15. not sure, but maybe The Lost Weekend?

  3. Gosh, you got some real tough ones here! ...

    1. Ladies in Retirement?
    5. Bullitt
    8. If A Man Answers
    9. The Brain that Wouldn't Die ( I get all those sci-fi films mixed up )
    12. Invasion of the Body Snatchers

    1. BB: 5, 8 (very impressive!), and 12 are correct. There are better answers for 1 and 9.

  4. 2- The Court Jester
    4 - The Exorcist
    6 - Rebecca
    9- Frankenstein
    10 - Gone With the Wind
    12 - Invasion of the Body Snatchers
    15 - Lost Weekend

    That's all I could make an 'educated' guess about. :)

    1. Yvette, you're correct on all counts! Nicely done.

  5. Summary of questions not answers: 1, 7, 11, 13, and 14.

  6. Replies
    1. Yes, that was the bottle of wine from Hitch's pick! See Jenni's answer below for #1.

  7. 13-The Thrill of It All
    14- Champagne for Caesar (just did not get that movie; but, I love Ronald Coleman!

    1. You are correct on both of them! Great job with the very funny CHAMPAGNE FOR CAESAR.

  8. Replies
    1. That ay work, but there's an even better answer.

  9. 11. Beach Blanket Bingo?-You wrote about the Beach movies a couple posts ago, and there is a mermaid in that one, so I am hoping the motorcycle gang is in it too.

    1. And you would be right! Marta Kristen from LOST IN SPACE was the mermaid Lorelei and Harvey Lembeck played motorcycle gang leader Eric Von Zipper.

  10. 1. My Cousin Rachel??? and 14. The Thrill of it All

    1. Right, again! Terrific job getting MY COUSIN RACHEL.