Monday, May 27, 2013

We Describe the TV Series...You Name It!

The rules are the same as the movie edition of this game: Name each TV series below based on our vague description. Be sure to include the question number with your response. Please don't answer all the questions so others can play, too. There is one TV show that is the single, best answer to each description. 

1. Pediatrician quits practice due to circumstances surrounding family tragedy.

2. Young man, who lives with uncle, aspires to be a film director for Mammoth Pictures.

3. Man gets his sword broken in half--in the opening credits of every episode!

4. Two bachelors live in a train caboose.

5. Architect encounters trouble after late-night stop for coffee.

6. Rigid rules of a "retirement" community don't appeal to new independent-minded member.

7. Two astronauts land "in the strangest place."

8. Young teacher solves problems at Jefferson High School in Los Angeles.

9. Two guys in a Corvette.

10. Man interested in jewelry becomes bodyguard.

11. Mother has gas...all the time!

12. Supervisor worked for five bosses during the nine-year run of this show. Only one regular employee worked for the supervisor during that span.

13. The premise of this sitcom starring a famous young actress is genetically impossible.

14. Good thing the lead character never had rhinoplasty!

15. The lead character was supposed to be a male, but was played by a female named Susie.


  1. 1) The Fugitive
    2) The Beverly Hillbillies
    3) F-Troupe
    4) The Wild, Wild West
    8) Mr. Novak
    11) My Mother, the Car

    1. Correct on all but #3 (see below). Nicely done!

  2. My husband and I were talking about #3 just the other day.

    #7: It's About Time
    #9: Route 66

  3. Replies
    1. And I thought that one was a toughie--very impressive!

  4. 5. The Invaders
    6. The Prisoner
    10. The Ateam

    1. #5 and #6 are correct, but there's a better answer for #10.

  5. Replies
    1. "Marked with a coward's shame/What do you do when you're branded--will you fight for your name?"

    2. The way we sang it, it went like this:

      "Stranded--Stuck on the toilet bowl/What do you do when you're stranded--without a roll?"

  6. #3 is not F Troop, it's Branded, with Chuck Connors.
    #11 My Mother The Car.

    1. Right on both of them! Not many people remember BRANDED.

  7. 12. Perry Mason
    10. T.H.E Cat
    13. Flying Nun

    1. Very good on getting T.H.E. CAT. #12 is not PERRY MASON and, although THE FLYING NUN works for #13, there's another answer, too.

  8. 13. The Patty Duke Show (with identical cousins)
    14. Bewitched

    Another excellent quiz, Rick!

    1. Toto, you always impress me and have done so again!

  9. Here's a recap: Only #12 hasn't been answered!

  10. Replies
    1. I was incredibly impressed that you smart folks got all the right answers based on those vague descriptions.

  11. This was fun...but tough. I pretty much knew only one of them with absolutely certainty, and that is "The Fugitive." I have never seen a single episode of some of those shows, and a couple of them, I never even heard of!

    1. Surprisingly, many old shows are on YouTube (clips or whole episodes). Apparently, a lot of people like the BRANDED theme song.

  12. I...tried. But came up short LOL
    1. The Brian Keith Show?

    7. I Dream of Jeannie?

    9. Route 66

    11. My Mother the Car

    15. Lassie