Monday, September 2, 2013

The First Annual Hammer Halloween Blogathon!

The Classic Film & TV Café will host the Hammer Halloween Blogathon on October 21-25. The blogathon will consist of blog posts about the classic horror, science fiction, and suspense films made by Britain's Hammer Films Productions.

Here's the complete schedule:

Thursday, October 24
Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell - Kevin's Movie Corner
The Gorgon - Silver Scenes
The Plague of the Zombies Classic Film & TV Cafe (Rick)
The Reptile - The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog
Supernatural or Super-Murderous?: A Visual Look at Freddie Francis' Nightmare (1964)- Micro-Brewed Reviews 

Friday, October 25
The Curse of the Werewolf - portraitsbyjenni
The Devil Rides Out The Stalking Moon
Frankenstein Created Woman - Citizen Screenings
The Stranglers of Bombay Midnight Only
Taste the Blood of Dracula  - Cinematic Catharsis


  1. Sounds like a bloody good blogathon, count us in!

  2. I'm interested!--Abby with No More Popcorn (

  3. I will definitely participate! David & I have met some of the Hammer Women, so maybe I'll do a piece on Veronica Carlson or Martine Beswick.

  4. Rick, I'll do a review of Dr Jekyll/Sister Hyde to accompany Martine's profile. It was one of her favorite roles.

  5. I would love to participate with a blog of probably the first Hammer film I ever saw, Curse of the Werewolf, that starred Oliver Reed.

  6. Go Hammer! I'd love to participate and write about Paranoiac, if nobody's taken it already. Thanks!

  7. If no one's claimed NIGHTMARE (1964) I'd love to pitch in at Micro-Brewed Reviews.

    1. Please click on the link to the blogathon guidelines and ensure your blog complies with them. If so, send an e-mail to

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