Friday, April 4, 2014

We Describe the Movie...You Name It!

Here are the rules to this quiz: Name each film below based on our vague description. Be sure to include the question number with your response. Please don't answer more than three questions daily so others can play, too. There is one film that is the single best answer to each description.

1. Two real-life brothers play detective brothers.

2. A guy has a crush on a girl and names a plant after her.

3. The answer can be found in the connection between a baby and an old man.

4. A wealthy man with a reckless past becomes a brain surgeon.

5. A woman pays $630 to put her name on a billboard for three months.

6. A man is murdered at the Lost Caverns Resort Hotel and the house detective and bellboy try to find the culprit.

7. It's Going My Way except it's about doctors instead of priests.

8. A famous actress starred in this film about a trogolodyte. (Bet you learned a new word today! Who said the Cafe isn't educational?)

9. A man dances with a mouse and a cat.

10. Unfortunately, a man who has just consumed a huge meal relents when his waiter insists on a small after-dinner mint.

11. A fight ensues over a soda pop bottle--well, the fight isn't really about the bottle. But if it wasn't for the soda pop bottle, there wouldn't have been a fight that day.

12. The title of the film has nothing to do with an insect nor the devil.

13. His best friend is a skunk.

14. His best friend is a rat.

15. The president is kidnapped on a golf course.


  1. 1. Tom Conway and George Sanders as Tom and Gay Lawrence, "The Falcon".

    5. "It Should Happen to You"

    7. "Welcome Stranger"

  2. 2. Little Shop of Horrors
    9. Invitation to the Dance
    Love these quizzes...

    1. Becky, #2 is right, but there's a better answer for #9.

  3. Replies
    1. well done! It's not as good as OUR MAN FLINT, but I still enjoy it.

  4. 6- A&C meet the Killer, Boris Karloff

    1. Nice job! An A&C pic I haven't seen in years.

  5. Replies
    1. I always thought it was an underrated suspense pic.

  6. Yikes, Rick. Nothing like one of your quizzes to make me feel like a classic film hack. But, never say die!

    2. Little Shop of Horrors
    4. Magnificent Obsessions
    5. It Should Happen to You
    8. Trog
    9. Anchors Aweigh
    14. Willard


  7. Oh shucks, I always come to these after most of the questions are answered. How about these guesses for the last ones left....

    10. Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
    11. The Best Years of Our Lives ( but was that a bottle or an ice cream soda? )

    1. Terrific job with No. 10! There's a better answer for 11.

  8. Is no. 11 the Gods Must Be Crazy?

    1. No, but that's a good guess. The answer is a 1950s film.

  9. The only unanswered question is #11.

  10. Replies
    1. Super job, David, on what turned out to be the hardest question. That closes out this quiz. Thanks to everyone who played.

  11. Super. quiz, as usual. Should have gotten 11 earlier as I just recently watched the Shane BD. Thanks for your efforts with these!