Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Help Celebrate the First National Classic Movie Day on May 16, 2015!

Did you know that there is no nationwide day dedicated to celebrating classic movies? My goal is to change that in 2015 by introducing the first National Classic Movie Day on May 16th.

I recently realized that classic movies have been totally ignored when it comes to large-scale, single day tributes. After all, hot dogs, aardvarks, and even ugly Christmas sweaters have "national days" on July 23rd, March 19th, and December 12th. The closest anyone has gotten to celebrating movies is with National Drive-in Day (June 6th) and National I Love Lucy Day on October 15th.

I aim to change that--with your help--by starting a grassroots social media campaign. I selected May 16th because it was the date of the first Academy Awards ceremony. When trying to define a "birth date" for classic cinema, that seemed as good as any.

As for a slogan, I came up for with the following: "Celebrate Classic Films from the Silents to the Seventies." That offers a definition of "classic film" which ranges from Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford to The Godfather and Stars Wars (which turns 38 next year).

How will National Classic Movie Day be celebrated? That's entirely up to you! You could host a blogathon, show a classic film at your local library, watch a DVD with friends, tweet about it, conduct a poll on classic favorites, etc.

If you want to promote National Classic Movie Day, you can use the poster above or create your own. You can "like" the National Classic Movie Day on its Facebook page and describe how you plan to celebrate it. You can also follow it on Twitter as @ClassicMovieDay. For tweeting purposes, please use #NationalClassicMovieDay.

With your help, this could become an annual event that reminds everyone about the wonders of classic cinema.


  1. Fantastic! If even hotdogs get their own day, then classic movies certainly deserve one.

  2. I'll help the date become an international holiday! Now I need to start my evil plan to dominate the world with classics.
    BTW, it's so cool you chose a date in May. Some of my favorite people were born in May (even though I wasn't... but anyway, I'm not one of my favorite people).

  3. All in...heck, I've created my own poster:

  4. This is a great idea. Too many people have TOTALLY the wrong idea of classic movies. Of course, it's amazing to have such an appreciative online community, but it's a little like preaching to the converted..!

  5. What a most excellent idea and I absolutely love the poster where the '30s, '40s, '50s, and '60s are beautifully represented! Count me in!

  6. HA!!! This is a swell idea. Count me in. How can I help. I mean, in my apartment, pretty much every day is Classic Movie Day. But on a larger amok at City Hall, storm the Bastille, join a blogathon? What can I do?

  7. Gave this endeavor a plug tonight:

    Best wishes!

  8. Ever thought of contacting TCM? If there's any group out there that would be more excited about this prospect than those who work for & watch TCM films, I don't know who would be.

  9. I created a holiday on November 19th is National Judy Garland Day last year was the first one.