Thursday, December 11, 2014

Greatest Stars of the 1940s Poll

Who are the biggest classic film stars of the 1940s? You decide by taking our "Greatest Stars of the 1940s" poll!

Today through December 25th, you can cast your vote for up to ten of the 100+ classic film stars on our ballot. And if we omitted one of your choices, you can complete the "write-in" portion of the ballot and include them.

Remember this is a 1940s poll, so stars that dominated earlier (e.g., Charles Chaplin) and later decades (e.g., Marilyn Monroe) are not included.

As for the criteria for determining who is "the greatest," we leave that up to you.

Fell free to share this ballot link with any other classic film fans you think might be interested:


  1. Great poll idea and a lot to pick from!

  2. I thought this was a fun poll and easily found 10 actors to support. Though not intentional, I selected 5 male and 5 female performers.
    I am intrigued to see what the poll results are!

  3. I kept clicking away and found myself with 15 selections Had to eliminate five which was not easy.

  4. Good poll, lots of choices but no Linda Darnell? I wrote her in but come on she was a huge star of the '40's!

  5. I knew I'd miss some obvious choices!

  6. Oh boy. I used up half my choices before I even finished the "Cs". Great poll! Will be interested in seeing the results.

  7. No Susan Hayward? She's not on my top ten but .......

    1. She certainly could have been included, especially since was Oscar-nominated in the late 1940s. I just think of her as more of a 1950s star.