Monday, December 8, 2014

My Bodyguard: Facing Up to the School Bully and Forging Friendships

Today's video review takes a look at the appealing 1980 sleeper hit My Bodyguard, which stars Chris Makepeace, Adam Baldwin, and Matt Dillon. The supporting cast is an interesting mix of screen veterans and stars-to-be.

If you can't see the video review below in your browser, click here to view it directly from the Cafe's YouTube channel.


  1. Rick, this is such an awesome review! The video format is perfect for movies! I really liked "My Bodyguard" and thought that it conveyed a lot about the challenges of high school in 1980. The actors looked like kids who you knew in school except for the fellow that Matt Dillon's character convinces to be his bodyguard, who looks a lot older and would have been kicked off school property. I especially liked the kid who tells Clifford's character about Linderman and also has the discussion about the nasty things under the desks at school.

    You did a great voice over the edited segments and must have had some broadcasting experience. Great job, Rick! I hope we will see some video reviews in the future.

  2. Great review! You must do more of these.

    I saw this film for the first time a few months ago, and there is a lot to admire about it. The casting was inspired. Like you said, it is a heartwarming story that steals your heart before you even realize it.