Saturday, February 13, 2010

Trivia Time Part 24

Happy Valentines Day, everyone. This week, Sazball & Rick both have a "FREE PASS" for the week, but still have to play. I must admit that this week's questions are harder than normal...or maybe not .

Who Am I  #1. In 1939, I was in two Technicolor films with scores by Max Steiner. Who Am I ? What are the two films?

Who Am I  #2. In 1939, I "bought the farm" in three films. Who Am I ? Name the three films.

Who Are WE ? Besides Paul Fix, Ward Bond,Walter Brennan, and Bruce Cabot, the four of us have been in three (or more ) films with John Wayne. Who Are We? What Are the films?

1. In the 1974 ABC Movie of the Week, Killdozer staring Clint Walker, who were the three male co-stars?
2. Brain Buster # 1. What famous Sci Fi writer did the screenplay?
3. Brain Buster # 2. This person also wrote a classic episode of Star Trek. Name the episode.
4. Brain Buster # 3 In the George Pal version  of The War Of The Worlds, as a inside joke Pal had a "Paramount star's" billboard destroyed by the Martians as they trash downtown LA. Who was the star?
5. How many scores did Max Steiner compose?
6. Brain Buster # 4 How many scores did Max Steiner "work on" in 1939?
7. What Films did Max win Academy Awards for?
8. Brain Buster # 5. At the Imperial Academy of Music In Vienna, what famous composer/conductor was one of Max's teachers?
9. Brain Buster # 6 Who did Sean Connery replace as Zed in Zardoz?
10. Brain Buster #7. Did Richard Loo do any of the following shows?
A. Bewitched?
B. Here Come the Brides?
C. Honey West?
D. Maverick?
E. I Dream of Jeannie?


  1. 1, Carl Betz, James Wainwright, and Robert Urich.
    2. Theodore Sturgeon.
    3. "Amok Time" is the most famous of his TREK episodes, but he also wrote "Shore Leave."

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  3. Rick ,for #1 you could have also said Neville Brand. #2 & #3 are correct.

  4. #5.Max Steiner, composed between 200 and 250 songs.

  5. #7. I think Max Steiner was was best known for the music score for King Kong. I do not remember the year, without looking it up. Although, I do not think he recived an Academy Award for it.

    He did receive an Academy Award for Now Voyager.

  6. Dawn , Good to see you back.For # 5 I need more than 250.For # 7 he did win for Now Voyager and Biog Clue 2 other films. King Kong was not one of them.

  7. Who Am I #1. Olivia de Havilland, Dodge City, Gone with the Wind

  8. Sazball,OK lets recap. Who Am I is not Olivia, but your on the right track, and the films are correct. #6 is wrong (but not by much) #8 # 9 and # 10 are all correct Ans as always YOU ROCK!

  9. Sazball,#6 is correct. Who am I # .is right(told you you where on the right track)

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  11. Who are We: maureen o'hara, harry carey, ben johnson, patrick wayne

    What are the Films: the quiet man, angel and the badnan, shepherd of the hills, red river, mcclintock, big jake, fort apache, she wore a yellow ribbon, the undefeated, chisum, the train robbers, 3 godfathers, tall in the saddle, the spoilers, the wings of eagles, rio grande, green berets, donovan's reef, the high and the mighty, the searchers, the conquerer, the alamo, the comacheros

  12. OK Saz, Not who I as looking for, but good work. How about This? James Arness, Kirk Douglas, and Andy Devine. Name The Films.

  13. OK Time for a another recap. I still need a answer for Who Am I # 2. and questions #4 #5.
    #7 needs Two more films. And I'm waiting for Saz to name the films with the actors I gave her.

  14. JA: big jim mclain, hondo, island in the sky, the sea chase

    KD: cast a giant shadow, in harm's way, the war wagon

    AD: stagecoach, island in the sky, man who shot liberty valance



  16. Sazball, you are correct. I'm impressed again.