Saturday, March 27, 2010

Studio Logos Tournament: It's the Championship Game!

Only Universal and MGM remain after three weeks of action-packed, nail-biting match-ups to determine the most popular studio logo.

In last week's semi-final games, Universal crushed upstart The Archers in convincing fashion with a 13-2 victory. The road to the championship was more challenging for MGM, which held off a rally from Paramount to beat "The Mountain" by an 11-7 score.

The tournament bracket below shows how each team battled its way to the final game:

And here are this week's well-matched opponents:

Cast your vote for your favorite studio logo in the green sidebar. Good luck to both teams and thanks for supporting the first (and possibly last) Studio Logos Tournament!

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  1. I have really enjoyed the Studio Logos Tournament, Rick! Well done!