Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trivia Time - Part 42

Greetings from beautiful Pismo Beach, California! Boy, are there a lot of old rock stars living up here! (like Steve Perry and Jon Anderson)

Who are we? I (male) appeared in both the original and the remake of the same movie. I've worked with William Powell, Errol Flynn, Olivia De Havilland, and Kay Francis, among others. I (female) was in the remake too. The female lead of the remake had appeared with me before, in my first American film, for which I had received a Best Supporting Actress Nomination. I have played roles that run the gamut from Lawrence Olivier's wife to Rodney Dangerfield's mother-in-law. Who are we?

1. Name the two films mentioned above by Who am I (male)?

2. Who are the male and female leads in those two films?

3. Who played Who am I (female)'s husband in the remake?

4. Who was first offered (then turned down) the role for which Who am I (female) was nominated as Best Supporting Actress? What role, and in which film, did she play instead (in that same year)?

5. Who am I (female)'s son is a well-known TV and movie director. Who is he?

6. Which real-life siblings (brother and sister) appeared together for the first time in their film careers in which John Hughes film?

7. What do the films Midnight Express, Bugsy Malone, and The Commitments have in common?

8. Who were the stars of Bugsy Malone?

9. Which 20th Century Fox film stars both Veronica Lake and Linda Darnell?

10. Who was the male star of the film in #9?

No had a two week break!


  1. Who am I (female): Geraldine Fitzgerald
    #6 - John and Joan Cusak, 16 Candles.
    #7 - Oliver Stone
    #8 - Jodie Foster and Scott Baio.
    #9 - Slattery's Hurricane
    #10 - Richard Widmark

  2. Tom, long time no "see"! JoAnn says hi...

    You got all but #7 right...Oliver Stone, are you kidding??

  3. Didn't he direct those? I know for sure he was connected with Midnight Express.

  4. Yeah, Stone did the screenplay for Midnight Express, but no, he didn't direct any of them. He was only involved in ME. The thought of Oliver Stone directing Bugsy cracks me up!

  5. Welcome back Paul and JoAnne !:)

  6. Who Am I (male): Frank McHugh
    1. One-Way Passage, "Til We Meet Again
    2. Kay Francis & William Powell; Merle Oberon & George Brent

  7. 3. George Reeves
    5. Michael Lindsey-Hogg

  8. 4. Vivian Leigh; Gone with the Wind

  9. Hi Dawn, thanks for the warm welcome back! We'll let you know about the house-warming party!

    Saz, you're right as always!

    All questions are knocked down by Monday, between Tom and Sazball. JoAnn and I thought this one might be a little tougher.....wrong!!