Monday, July 26, 2010

Trivia Time - Part 44

Who Am I? My career spanned more than 60 years; I've appeared in more than a hundred movies and television episodes, and I've worked with almost everyone in Hollywood. I made 5 movies with Glenn Ford, 4 with Doris Day, 3 with Bette Davis, 2 with the Andrews Sisters, and one with Frank Sinatra. However, I never made a movie with Marilyn Monroe. Who Am I?

1. Name the western Who Am I made with a young actor who appeared in both Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Westside Story.

2. How many movies did the Andrews Sisters make with Abbott and Costello? Name them.

3. Which actor played Clark Gable's "kid" brother in MGM's 1942 movie, Somewhere I'll Find You?

4. What was the name of his (#3) 1950's TV show?

5. Who were his (#3) co-stars on the TV show?

6. Which two future male MGM stars had uncredited roles in Somewhere I'll Find You?

7. In which film did James Cagney show his martial arts "chops"?

8. Name the director of the "noir" film The Hitchhiker.

9. Name the leads from Port of New York.

10. Which film inspired Jack Webb to create the TV series "Dragnet"?


  1. Who Am I? = Donald O'Connor
    1. How The West Was Won
    3. Robert Blake?
    4. Baretta?

  2. Sorry Tom! Those answers are incorrect.

  3. #3) Robert Sterling
    #4) Topper
    #5) Anne Jeffreys(real life wife), Leo G. Carroll, and Lee Patrick
    #6) Van Johnson & Keenan Wynn

  4. I think you are Mary Wickes. #1) Mary was in Cimarron with Russ Tamblyn

  5. #10. He Walked by Night(1948), based on the real-life murder of a California Highway Patrolman.

  6. Gilby, you're on a roll! You've knocked down numbers 1, 3-6 and the Who Am I! Good job! P.S. Did Mom help?

    Dawn, good try but the answer to #2 is not 3. However, you are dead bang on for #10! He Walked By Night is the answer.

  7. Indirectly, my mom helped -- she loves Topper the tv show so when I remembered who was in that Turner-Gable movie(a bit forgettable frankly) the rest came easily! Mary Wickes was ALL me -- I wrote a blog about her for TCM and Film Philes so the Bette Davis & Glenn Ford clues were perfect!

  8. For #7, how about BLOOD ON THE SUN? For #8, the director of the 1953 THE HITCH-HIKER was Ida Lupino.

  9. I agree with your above statements. The Classic Film and TV Cafe is a place for fans to mingle and share their love of great films and television series, ranging from the silent film era to the early 1980s.


  10. Way to go, Rick! Fearless leader got both #7 and #8!

  11. Here are the answers to the rest of the questions for Trivia Time 44:

    #2. Two; Buck Privates and In the Navy
    #9. Scott Brady and Richard Rober (Yul Brynner was the bad guy, when he still had hair!)

  12. HOLD THE PHONE!!! Breaking news!!! Dawn, YOU WERE RIGHT AND I WAS WRONG!! The Andrews sisters did indeed appear in 3 movies with Abbott and Costello!

    The third one was Hold That Ghost....good job, Dawn! All that unpacking during our move to Pismo has affected my brain.......