Sunday, December 19, 2010

Trivia Time - Part 63

Merry Christmas! Everyone did very well with TT62 last week; only two questions left unanswered!

3. As a classical music fan, I hate it when producers get the wrong people for movies dealing with classical music. But these two films got it right: Amadeus (1984) and Mahler (1974). Name the music supervisors for each film.

Answer: Sir Neville Marriner (Amadeus) and Bernard Haitink (Mahler)

4. Comment: "They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Response: "I know. I'm the one who said it." Name the film and the stars.

Answer: The Electric Horseman, Jane Fonda and Robert Redford

And here is TT63! This week I took it pretty easy on you's my Christmas gift to you! (Yeah, right Paul!)

Who Are We? We both fit our respective studios' definitions of matinee idols in the '30s and '40s. We both had long careers ending in the '50s, and we even made one movie together. In that film, many movie critics said that one of us was "playing himself". Who Are We?

Who Are We and Which Films Are These? Before WWII, the three of us (two males and a female) made two films together; both stories were set in Europe. Each of the men actually made more than two films with the lady in question (she made three with one and four with the other). Who Are We and Which Films Are These?

1. Name one thing these films have in common: Now Voyager, Hitler's Children, The Mortal Storm, and Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble.

2. Along with John Ridley, this future TV star had an uncredited part in The Fighting 69th.

3. This 1985 film could be called the unofficial film of this academic institution; part of it was actually shot there. You could call it a real "popcorn" flick. Name the film, the star, and the REAL university.

4. Believe it or not, Errol Flynn was not the first, second, or even third choice/suggestion for Dodge City. Name the other stars considered before Flynn; bonus points for the correct order.

5. Name the Oscar-nominated post-WWII picture with a Christmas theme that features three future TV stars and a veteran character actor whose last movie was a Marilyn Monroe classic.

6. Name the three future TV stars from #5.

7. Name the Monroe film and veteran character actor from #5.

8. Bette Davis was not the first, second, or even third choice for Now, Voyager, due to the fact that the studio assigned three different directors to the film before it was finally made. Name all directors and the other choices for the lead female role; bonus points for correct order.

9. This Oscar-winning sci-fi film was supposed to be a Frank Capra project, but Capra couldn't shoot it on the lousy 3-million-dollar budget that the studio was willing to give him, so he passed. It wound up being made for 8 million dollars by someone else. Name the film and the director.

10. Name the stars of the movie in #9.


  1. 5.) It Happened on 5th Avenue
    6.) Don DeFore, Alan Hale Jr, Gale Storm

  2. 7.) Victor Moore in the Seven Year Itch

  3. Gilby, good job! See folks, I told you these were easy, LOL!

  4. Easy?!! Maybe for Gilby -- she always has the knack. I'm completely frustrated. I can't find out who were the first 3 actors wanted in Dodge City before Errol. Who would want anyone but Errol anyway....

  5. I must confess, I just watched It Happened on 5th Ave yesterday for the second time this season! And #1 is because I LOVE Bonita Granville!

  6. Who Are We? #2 James Stewart, Margaret Sullavan, and Frank Morgan
    All three made The Shop Around the Corner & The Mortal Storm

  7. Becks, I'm sorry that you're frustrated by the questions....and I know it's difficult for you to imagine, but the studio execs actually DID prefer other actors to Flynn for Dodge City!

    Of course, Flynn ended up doing the movie in the end, even though everyone still thought that having a Tasmanian in a Western was a bit weird.

    And Gilby, I told JoAnn that somebody probably watched It Happened on 5th Avenue yesterday! Which of course made those questions a piece of cake!

    And yes, you're absolutely correct about Who Are We and Which Films Are These?!!! You're on a roll, as usual, LOL!!

  8. Recap:

    Questions remaining are Who Are We #1, plus #s 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, and 10.

  9. Who Are We? #1 -- Tyrone Power & Errol Flynn
    They made The Sun Also Rises together

  10. Gilby, you're correct! Another Flynn question you nailed before Becks...what's up with that??

  11. Becks, for the other Flynn question, I'll give you a least one of the other actors considered before Flynn was NOT a Warner Bros contract player.

    BTW, Flynn was not the first choice for Robin Hood either! That's another clue, LOL!

  12. #4 I do remember that James Cagney was first choice for Robin. I love Cagney, but he would have looked like a leprechaun in the green tights and doublet. I cannot for the life of me figure out the other two.
    As for Gilby's ability to pound me into the ground, I can only say what Robin Hood said after Little John pushed him into the stream: "On the contrary, I love a man who can best me!"

  13. Becks, you've got one out of 3 for #4; as for the rest of your comment, I'm not goin' there, LOL!

  14. Another hint: both of the others for #4 are Oscar winners.

  15. Each were MULTIPLE Oscar winners (still talking about #4).

  16. #4) Gary Cooper and Spencer Tracy?

  17. Hey Gilby, good guess!! Gary Cooper was actually considered for Dodge City early on, even before Cagney. But not Tracy.

    So between you and Becks you've figured out two of the three answers for #4.

  18. Questions still to be answered: #s 2, 3, (part of) 4, 8, 9, and 10.

  19. Oops! Didn't see Gilby's "Fredric March" answer!!

    Yes!!, Fredric March was the very first lead associated with the project, Dodge City! At that time the lead was to play Wyatt Earp, and that was the plan until Earp's widow reminded them that she would have the final say about who played him and also approval of the script, etc. So they changed the story in order to avoid having her involved (and compensated!).

    Then of course, after they created the "Wade Hatton" character they first thought of Coop, the quintessential cowboy, but he was busy, so Cagney was suggested. But Cagney was up to his eyeballs in scripts...he was working on Angels With Dirty Faces and was going to jump straight into The Oklahoma Kid immediately after that.

    So that's how Flynn ended up in Dodge City.

  20. Recap corrected!

    Questions still to be answered: #s 2, 3, 8, 9, and 10.

  21. Just a comment -- boy, Hollywood is cheap! Avoiding the valuable true story of Wyatt Earp so they could save a few bucks by not paying his widow? Money, money, money....LOL

    Merry Christmas to everybody!

  22. Becks, we are talking about Jack Warner here -- he was the king of the cheapskates. But he did keep Warner Bros solvent through tough times, so I will give the devil his due!