Monday, December 27, 2010

Trivia Time - Part 64

I hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays so far!

Here are the answers to the left-over questions from TT63:

2. Along with John Ridley, this future TV star had an uncredited part in The Fighting 69th.

Answer: George Reeves, aka "Superman"!

3. This 1985 film could be called the unofficial film of this academic institution; part of it was actually shot there. You could call it a real "popcorn" flick. Name the film, the star, and the REAL university.

Answer: Real Genius, Val Kilmer, The California Institute of Technology

8. Bette Davis was not the first, second, or even third choice for Now, Voyager, due to the fact that the studio assigned three different directors to the film before it was finally made. Name all directors and the other choices for the lead female role; bonus points for correct order.

Answer: Edmund Goulding, who wanted Irene Dunne, was first. Then Michael Curtiz, who wanted either Norma Shearer or Ginger Rogers. Irving Rapper actually directed Bette Davis in the film, of course.

9. This Oscar-winning sci-fi film was supposed to be a Frank Capra project, but Capra couldn't shoot it on the lousy 3-million-dollar budget that the studio was willing to give him, so he passed. It wound up being made for 8 million dollars by someone else. Name the film and the director.

Answer: Marooned, John Sturges

10. Name the stars of the movie in #9.

Answer: Gregory Peck, Gene Hackman, Richard Crenna, David Janssen, Lee Grant, James Franciscus

As a belated Christmas present to Becks, here is a picture of Errol Flynn! Becks, this does not necessarily have ANYTHING to do with any of the questions; JoAnn just thought you'd like it!! LOL!

Have fun with TT64!

Who Am I? My career has thus far spanned over 50 years. I was one of the major leading men in the world of film. One of my earliest roles was uncredited; I played a deckhand on the Titanic in A Night To Remember. Who Am I?

Who Are We? To the delight of our many fans, we worked together in several films from the mid '30s to the early '40s. During the filming of one of these movies, one of us told the other that our partnership was over; there would be NO MORE pictures together. Eventually we did make one more, but only one. Who Are We and Which Films Are These?

1. Director Joe Dante and screenwriter Chris Columbus have a lot of fun with inside jokes in the movie Gremlins. Four of the best take place in the first half of the film. For a free pass for the month of January, name them in order and be specific.

2. Speaking of inside jokes, there's a running gag throughout the entire first Muppet Movie. In fact, Kermit even looks at the camera and says, "Oh no! It's a running gag!". What is the running gag? Be specific.

3. This '70s movie was based on a song of the same name, sung by a character in a series of acclaimed commercials for a bakery in the Mid-West. Name the character in the commercials, the film and the lead star.

4. The very last time this early-Hollywood on-screen couple saw each other was at a public event; rumor has it that as she entered the room (running fashionably late), he kissed her lightly on the back of the neck. He was unprepared for her response; she whirled around and slapped his face, asking, "Do I know you?", as she failed to recognize him at first. Name the couple.

5. Along with Tron, which other film was a major early pioneer in computer-generated special effects? Name the stars and the director as well.

6. In addition to the special effects, why is the movie in #5 important in the history of Hollywood?

7. This '70s Western seemed to star every brother act working in Hollywood. Name the film, the director, and the brothers.

8. Which actress once played a queen from whom she was actually descended? Name the actress and the film.

9. In the late '50s and early '60s, these two music groups did soft drink commercials for TV. Name the groups and the soft drinks.

10. Name the actor who played Sgt. Preston of the Yukon in the TV series and give the name of his dog as well.


  1. First of all, Joann, that picture is a stunner and the nicest Christmas present you could give me!

    Who are we? Is it Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers? Their last film being The Barkleys of Broadway. If that's true, do you want all of their films listed?

    4. Errol Flynn and Olivia deHavilland. His years of wild living had made him look so bad she didn't know him at first.

    10. Dick Simmons and his faithful dog Yukon King (I can't believe I'm old enough to remember this-- I loved it.)

  2. Who are we? I have a second guess, which I think is the right one. Hope this isn't breaking any rules:
    Errol Flynn and Olivia deHavilland. They m ade Captain Blood, Charge of the Light Brigade, Robin Hood, Four's a Crowd, Dodge City, Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, Santa Fe Trail, They Died With Their Boots On -- then later, in 1943, both appeared in Thank Your Lucky Stars, the last time.

  3. Well, Becks, way to go!! You nailed Who Are We? and #s 4 and 10! Your second guess is the correct one for Who Are We?. (Take that, Gilby!)

    JoAnn's very happy you like her two are scaring me, LOL!

    BTW, Becks, I worked with a man named Mike Simmons for many year before I realized (from a reference to an autographed picture) that his dad was Dick Simmons!! I don't think he and the dog got along, from the inscription I saw on the photo....don't ask, LOL!!

  4. You mean Sargeant Preston and Yukon King didn't get along? I thought everything I saw on TV was true! What a shock! LOL (P.S. As far as Joann and I, Paul, be afraid -- be very afraid.)

  5. For #7, although I think it was released in 1980, I'll guess THE LONG RIDERS directed by Walter Hill and starring the Carradine, Keach, Quaid, and Guest brothers. For #5, I'll take a wild guess with BRAINSTORM, which was Natalie Wood's last film (#6).

  6. Rick, you're right about #7! I couldn't remember if it was 1979 or '80. Good job!

    As for #5 and 6, good guess but no cigar.

    For a free pass for next week, tell me who did the music for The Long Riders and Tron. You've got to get them both to get the pass. BTW, there can be more than one answer for Tron.

  7. Muppet Movie was really nice.The movie was very different & very effective.Story continues along & its very intersecting to watch.

  8. Happy New Year to everyone from Paul2 and JoAnn!

    Here's a brief recap, a list of questions which still need to be answered:

    Who Am I?, 1-3, 5, 6, 8, and 9.

  9. P.S. I'm so glad you liked the present, Becky!!