Sunday, November 20, 2011

Trivia Time 102

Here are the answers to the unanswered and partially answered questions from TT101:

1. Name the two NFL teams playing in the Superbowl in the film Black Sunday.

Answers: Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers.

2. Name the starting quarterbacks for each team in the previous question.

Answers: Roger Staubach and Terry Bradshaw.

3. Name the actor who did not do any of his own driving in the film Grand Prix.

Answer: Brian Bedford

4. Who Said This In Which Film? Person one: "Let's do some reefer! We'll get high and I'll iron the chick's hair!" Person two: "Reefer…whoaaaa!" (Hint: no, it's not Reefer Madness)

Answers: Pia Zadora and Rick Ocasek in Hairspray (1988). You can watch a video of this scene here.

5. Who Said This In Which Film? "Do you realize that Otto spelled backwards is Otto?"

Answer: Pamela Tiffin in One, Two, Three.

9. Name two films that Peter Fonda and Bruce Dern made together.

Answers: The Trip and The Wild Angels.

10. Name two films in which Kirk Douglas' character had a peg leg.

Answers: Both Dawn and Yvette got The Man From Snowy River, and Yvette guessed Treasure Island for the second one. The actual name of the second film is Scalawag…but good try, Yvette!

Well, I've managed to keep my promise to come up with another Henry Hull with no further ado, the questions for Trivia Time #102 start below!

1. Name any films Henry Hull made with Humphrey Bogart or Errol Flynn.

2. In which film did Richard Loo appear with Humphrey Bogart?

3. Who Said This In Which Film? "Besides that, it's all in the reflexes."

4. Name a mid-1950s film that inspired Bruce Springsteen to compose a song with the same title.

5. How did the song title in the previous question became a major part of the plot in a completely different film? Be specific.

6. Name a film featuring both Pamelyn Ferdin and Teri Garr.

7. Name all of the stars of the film in #6.

8. Which classic '60s game show used music from the Tijuana Brass LP "Whipped Cream & Other Delights"?

9. Name the songs from the Tijuana Brass which were used by the show in the previous question.


  1. I believe #8 is "The Dating Game" (one of my high school classmates, who later became a star of CW music, was on it - name her!)...the song that I associate most with the show is "Spanish Flea."

    #9 - Seems to me "A Taste of Honey" was often played on "The Dating Game" - and I think "Whipped Cream" was also used - beyond that, who knows...Herb Albert & the Tijuana Brass were perfect for a dating game of the '60s, Paul...

  2. Eve ,your right on #8 GOOD WORK. As for your question , really a CW star I'll have to think about that. For # 9 Whipped Cream and Spanish Flea was used when they brought out the ladies, I'll give you credit for Flea but it was on the fifth TJB Lp; Going Places, not Whipped Cream. The other tune used at the "reveal"was the last cut on side two of the Lp Lollipops and Roses, one of my all time TJB favorites. BTW I had a high school friend who was on the show and good old Jim Lang got her name wrong. I still have most of my TJB Lp's and by the way they were recorded at Gold Star Recording Studios and engineered by Larry Levine ,
    the same studio and engineer used by Phil Spector . No wonder they sound great.

  3. #4."Thunder Road", was inspired by the Robert Mitchum movie of the same name, Thunder Road (1958).

  4. #1. I'm gonna guess...Virginia City(1940).

  5. #1: Because I am a Raoul Walsh fan I give you "High Sierra" and "Objective, Burma!".

    #2: The always watchable though I'm not sure how much I like it, "Across the Pacific".

  6. Dawn your right on #4, and I 'll give you credit for Virginia City, good work.

    Caftan Woman , way to go, your right on # 1 & 2. Raoul Walsh fans have to stick together.

  7. Hi, Paul - I knew "Spanish Flea" wasn't on "Whipped Cream" (didn't know what it was on, though) - didn't (obviously) remember the other "Dating Game"/TJB connections very well.

    Classmate was Barbara Mandrell.

  8. Eve , I was trying to think of who your classmate could have been , I would have NEVER come up with Barbara.

  9. It looks like I'm too late to get any questions I might have known (ala the Great Flynn and Bogart). However, love that picture of Errol trying to to the conga! He looks a little unsure of the dance, but I wouldn't mind being the girl he is reaching for! LOL!

  10. P.S. Take a look at Desi Arnaz! What a cutie!

  11. Becks ,this just means you have to get here faster.

  12. Since I went to a lot of time and trouble to answer these questions for #102, I'm answering them whether they're all solved or not, by golly! :-)

    1. Henry Hull made MIDNIGHT, a.k.a. CALL IT MURDER, with Bogart, and made OBJECTIVE: BURMA, with Flynn.

    2. Richard Loo appeared with Humphrey Bogart in ACROSS THE PACIFIC.

    3. Kurt Russell said: "Besides that, it's all in the reflexes" in BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA.

    4. "Name a mid-1950s film that inspired Bruce Springsteen to compose a song with the same title." The answer is THUNDER ROAD.

    5. "How did the song title in the previous question became a major part of the plot in a completely different film? Be specific." In the movie version of GREASE, Kenickie {Jeff Conaway} refers to THUNDER ROAD during the drag race.

    6. Pamelyn Ferdin and Teri Garr both appeared in WHAT A WAY TO GO!

    7. The main stars of WHAT A WAY TO GO were Shirley MacLaine, Robert Mitchum, Paul Newman, Dean Martin, Gene Kelly, Robert Cummings, and Dick Van Dyke. If you need the supporting cast, too, I'm afraid you're on your own; I've got too many deadlines to cover the rest of the cast! :-)

    8. THE DATING GAME used music from the Tijuana Brass album "Whipped Cream & Other Delights"? (Very popular in our household at the time! :-))

    9. The Tijuana Brass songs used on THE DATING GAME included “Spanish Flea,” “Whipped Cream,” and “Lollipops and Roses.”

    Have a great holiday season, everyone!

  13. Dorian , Well now, I'll take all your answers EXcept for # 5 but I'l give you credit since I admit to never seeing Grease. What I was looking for was the film Explorers where "the ship" is called Thunder Road because it's a Bruce Springsteen song. Also would have taken High Sierra,for # 1 other than that I'm very impressed.

  14. Thanks, Paul! I appreciate your words about THUNDER ROAD; I learn something new every time I drop by the Cafe! :-)