Monday, November 28, 2011

Trivia Time 103

Since all questions were answered last time, we can jump right into TT103! Of course we will first post our Flynn pic of the week:

1. With which of the following gentlemen did Barbara Stanwyck make the greatest number of movies: Gary Cooper, Joel McCrea, or George Brent?

2. Name at least two films featuring Barbara Stanwyck and Margaret Lindsey.

3. How many times did Stanwyck work with Clark Gable? Name the film(s) and the director(s).

4. What was Hedda Hopper's connection to Margaret Lindsey?

5. Name the Olivia de Havilland films in which Ward Bond makes an appearance. Name the leading men in each film.

6. This '60s game show producer liked to use former DJs as hosts for his shows. Name him and his two famous DJ hosts.

7. Which classic game show host is featured in a Weird Al video?

8. Who Said This? "We'll be right back with more stuff!"

9. In which major '60s film did Jim Hutton have a small uncredited part? What was the part? Name the stars of the film.

10. Who was the host of Monster Chiller Horror Theater?

11. Name two different TV shows that featured both Jean Byron and William Schallert. Bonus points for the correct time order, networks, and stars.

12. Name both ABC's and NBC's primetime '60s "Rock" shows.

13. Name the DJ from KRLA in Pasadena, CA and his long-running TV show.


  1. #1. Joel McCrea.

    #3. Night Nurse(1931). Director William Wellman and The Two Mrs. Carrolls(1947). Director Pter Godfrey.

  2. Hi Paul and Joann! I took your advice, Paul, and got over here early!

    #2 B.F.'s Daughter and Baby Face.

    #4 William Hopper was Margaret's brother-in-law. Hedda Hopper was his mother.

    #10 Count Floyd (sissy name for a vampire!), his real name is Floyd Robertson.

    I love that candid shot of Flynn - (that dog at his feet is really me in my shape-shifter mode.)

  3. Hi, I haven't tried this quiz before but I think I know some of these:

    #6 - The producer was Mark Goodman and one of his hosts was Gene Rayburn.

    #8 - That was always said by Chuck Barris on The Gong Show.

    #11 - The Many Loves Of Dobie Gilis starring Dwayne Hickman on CBS and The Patty Duke Show starring Patty Duke (duh!) on ABC.

    #12 - At first I thought you meant shows with "rock" in the title. Then I saw the "60's" part and figured you meant rock music shows. ABC's was Shindig and NBC's was Hullabaloo.

  4. Dawn your right on #1 and you got half of # 3 but Clarks not in the The Two Mrs.Carrolls Bogie is.
    Becks, Shape Shifter really? Who Knew? Well Bow Wow wow. Oh yeah your correct on all your answers. Can you tell me who played Count Floyd? While you think about that I'll go back to watching Dr. Tongue's 3 D House Of Slave Chicks(talk about a classic).

    Jerome, welcome, you are right on # 8 #11 and # 12. On # 6 that's not the answer I was looking for but I'll give you half credit. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you become one of the regulars

  5. #3 The other film that Clark Gable and Barbara Stanwyck made together is 1950 TO PLEASE A LADY, director Clarence Brown

  6. Grand Old Movies, your right. Way to go.