Monday, July 27, 2015

The Greatest Stars of the 1950s Poll Revealed! (Part 2)

James Stewart made the Top 5.
Last week, we counted down from #25 to #11, so today we will reveal the Top 10. I wasn't surprised to see any of these actors chosen by classic movie fans as the decade's "greatest." As always, polls like this are--to a certain extent-- a popularity contest. But I don't think that makes them any less interesting.

Plus, it's hard to argue against including most of these stars. Marilyn Monroe went from a supporting actress to a mega-star in the 1950s. Audrey Hepburn only had a few starring roles during the decade, but her performances included some of her most beloved ones (e.g., Roman Holiday, Sabrina).

Of the male stars, James Stewart had one of the best decades ever by an actor. He appeared in two of Hitchcock's finest (Vertigo and Rear Window) and helped redefine the Western genre with his collaborations with director Anthony Mann.

As for the star at No. 1, well, he was already pretty big. In fact, he was the top choice in our Greatest Stars of the 1940s poll. Without further delay, here's the Top 10, starting from the bottom and working our way to the top:

10. Gregory Peck
9.   William Holden
8.   Humphrey Bogart
7.   Doris Day
6.   Gene Kelly
5.   Marlon Brando
4.   James Stewart
3.   Audrey Hepburn
2.   Marilyn Monroe

And the Greatest Star of the 1950s:  Cary Grant at No. 1!

Do you agree? As always, feedback is appreciated.


  1. Tough to argue with this list. My only quibble is Gene Kelly, who I would replace with Gary Cooper or Burt Lancaster, both of whom made many more great films in the 50s.

  2. I think it is cool that Gene Kelly's work, presumably both on and off the screen, is appreciated with a top 10 finish. Personally, I would have put Duke in the top 10, maybe bumping Brando. Surprised Glenn Ford didn't make the top 25. Looks like I'll have to start on a brainwashing campaign for next time.

  3. Dean and Clift should have been in the top 10. The 50's was their decade, along with Brando. All three were Influencial for actors in the coming decades.

  4. I agree with many of the actors who made this list and am absolutely thrilled to see Cary Grant at Number One!

  5. I suspect Cary Grant may be the most popular star of all time among classic film fans. I was a little surprised that Gene Kelly ranked so high, but three of his best known films were made during the decade. I can see the case for Montgomery Clift, but I think James Dean was ranked about right.

  6. No to Gene Kelly. Second rate actor who was in movies because he could dance. I don't have that thing for Marilyn Monroe that everyone else does, but ok I guess. John Wayne, Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas come to mind as replacements.