Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trivia Time Part 21

Just a reminder: Sarks' wife and Dawn's "Free Pass" are still good. I think this week might be a little easier ..... Yeah, right Paul!

Who Am I? I'm a director, who directed many good films, but I'm best known for two films. I've had my films remade (sometimes good, sometimes not so good). Who Am I?

#1. Name Who Am I's two best known films.

#2. Name one good remake of Who Am I's films.

#3. A "famous director" remade one of Who Am I's films. Name the film, the director, and the remake. This could have more than one correct answer.

#4. Brain Buster #1. The remake was famous for a special reason. What was it? This also could have more than one correct answer.

#5. Brain Buster #2. On The 1965 Mr. Novak epsiode "The Tender Twigs", two "child stars" of the middle 50's /early 60's were guest stars. Who were they?

#6. Brain Buster Bonus. Before his Star Trek gig, Walter Koening was a busy actor on many classic TV shows. True or False: Was he on the following:
A. Combat?
B. I Spy?
C. Mr Novak?
D. Ben Casey?
E. Gidget?
F. The Untouchables?
G. Alfred Hitchock Presents?
H. The Great American Adventure?


  1. #5. Johnny Crawford from THE RIFLEMAN and Tony Dow from LEAVE IT TO BEAVER. Didn't Johnny also have a brief singing career?

  2. Who am I: Victor Fleming
    1. Gone With the Wind & The Wizard of Oz
    3. A Guy Named Joe, Steven Spielberg, Always

  3. 2. Mogambo
    4. Audrey Hepburn's last film

  4. Rick and Sazball good work you are both right.Rick Johnny was signed to Del Fi Records (Home of Richie Valance) and had 5 top 40 hits. I guess the 2 best known are "Cindy's Birthday, "and Your Nose is Gonna Grow. " He is still active in music today .

  5. I'm sorry that my son Matthew hit the delete key on the Triva Time part 21 the answers blog so I'll say that the correct answer for all of #6 is true. Walter did all those shows and more.