Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trivia Time Part 21

Just a reminder: Sarks' wife and Dawn's "Free Pass" are still good. I think this week might be a little easier ..... Yeah, right Paul!

Who Am I? I'm a director, who directed many good films, but I'm best known for two films. I've had my films remade (sometimes good, sometimes not so good). Who Am I?

#1. Name Who Am I's two best known films.

#2. Name one good remake of Who Am I's films.

#3. A "famous director" remade one of Who Am I's films. Name the film, the director, and the remake. This could have more than one correct answer.

#4. Brain Buster #1. The remake was famous for a special reason. What was it? This also could have more than one correct answer.

#5. Brain Buster #2. On The 1965 Mr. Novak epsiode "The Tender Twigs", two "child stars" of the middle 50's /early 60's were guest stars. Who were they?

#6. Brain Buster Bonus. Before his Star Trek gig, Walter Koening was a busy actor on many classic TV shows. True or False: Was he on the following:
A. Combat?
B. I Spy?
C. Mr Novak?
D. Ben Casey?
E. Gidget?
F. The Untouchables?
G. Alfred Hitchock Presents?
H. The Great American Adventure?


Rick29 said...

#5. Johnny Crawford from THE RIFLEMAN and Tony Dow from LEAVE IT TO BEAVER. Didn't Johnny also have a brief singing career?

sazball said...

Who am I: Victor Fleming
1. Gone With the Wind & The Wizard of Oz
3. A Guy Named Joe, Steven Spielberg, Always

sazball said...

2. Mogambo
4. Audrey Hepburn's last film

Paul 2 said...

Rick and Sazball good work you are both right.Rick Johnny was signed to Del Fi Records (Home of Richie Valance) and had 5 top 40 hits. I guess the 2 best known are "Cindy's Birthday, "and Your Nose is Gonna Grow. " He is still active in music today .

Paul 2 said...

I'm sorry that my son Matthew hit the delete key on the Triva Time part 21 the answers blog so I'll say that the correct answer for all of #6 is true. Walter did all those shows and more.