Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trivia Time Part 20

This weeks Trivia Time is going to be a little tougher than normal. Sark's wife and Dawn still have A "Free Pass" until the end of the month. The Lady Eve won a "Free Pass" for this week. The rest of you are on your own.

Who Am I? I am a founding member of AMPAS, a director whose range of work is huge. I've work with among others: Welles, Flynn. Greg Peck, Thomas Mitchell, Richard Loo, Vincent Price, Alice Faye, Tyrone Power, Ava Gardner, Lee J. Cobb, Jean Peters, Henry Fonda, Dean Jagger, and Jay Silverheels. Who Am I ?

#1. In the Edmond O`Brien version of 1984 who were his male and female co stars?

#2. Who were the two Dave's that co-starred in the cult rock film Stardust?

#3. In 1949, Van Johnson and Leon Ames were in two films together. Name the films.

#4. Who were the stars of the NBC series Mr. Novack?

#5. Brain Buster # 1 - Who were the stars of the TV series Wild Bill Hickok?

#6. Brain Buster # 2 - Who was the sponsor?

#7. Brain Buster #3 - In a flashback episode of Taxi , who played Jim's "Stoner"college room mate?

#8. Brain Buster #4 - What was he stoned on? How? At what college?

#9. Brain Buster#5 - In the film Say Anything, when John Cusack is standing in the rain with his boombox over his head, what song was playing on the boombox?

#10. Brain Buster #6. On the TV show My Mother The Car, what was the year and make of the car? Who was the voice of  "Mom"?


  1. OK, without doing research, I can answer only a few of these toughies!

    #2. One Dave was David Essex and for the other, I'll guess David Bowie.

    #4. The title role was played by James Franciscus (hey, I just wrote about BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES).

    #5. Guy Madison and Andy Devine (watched the repeats as a kid...didn't Guy--or his stunt doubt--jump on his horse from the back end?)

    #10. I think the voice belonged to Ann Sothern.

  2. I don't know if I'm allowed to play (as I never have before), but I finally know an answer and feel compelled to answer it:
    9. "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel

  3. Kim Welcome, You "Are Allowed " to play and you are correct, As for Rick. You have half right on #4 need at least one more. #5 is correct and your half right on #2 David Essex is right but Bowie is wrong.Ann is right , but what about the year and make of the car?

  4. 1. Jan Sterling and Michael Redgrave

  5. 3. Battleground and Scene of the Crime

  6. Sazball, your are on a roll. #1 #3 and # 4 are correct But (where have you heard this before) I'm not Fred.

  7. Sazball ,I'm impressed very good.

  8. Paul, I'm working on # 10. i can picture the car..just trying to think of the name of it..

  9. #5 - Guy Madison and ANdy Devine and wasn't teh sponsor Kellogg's Frosted Flakes?
    #9 - Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes
    #10 - Mom's voice was ANn Southern's
    That's without any research.

  10. Welcome , Beelzabub others have given the correct answers to#5, # 9. & #10. You got # 6right good work.

  11. Just A recap. I still need one "Dave "for #2
    Answers for # 7& 8 ,and the make and year of "My Mother The Car".