Monday, October 11, 2010

Trivia Time - Part 54

Seems like I stumped you last week! I really did think that some of these were easy....oh well. Thanks to everyone who played TT last week; I appreciate your efforts!

Here's what you missed (answers to unanswered questions from last week's TT):

Who Am I?#2 I was a writer for both Jack Paar and Johnny Carson and wound up with my own TV show. Who am I?

The answer is Dick Cavett.

1. Name three things that the following films have in common: Wake Island, Union Pacific, and Beau Geste (1939).

Gilby got two of the three correct: Robert Preston and Brian Donlevy. The third commonality was that Brian Donlevy "bought the farm" in all three movies.

2. This World War II movie is famous for having all of its characters, save one, die on camera. Name the film and the one cast member who doesn't die (at least not on camera).

The movie is Bataan; the cast member who doesn't die on camera is Robert Taylor.

3. Who directed the film in #3?

Tay Garnett directed Bataan.

4. Long before Emergency, there was another show about LA firefighters: name the show and the stars.

Rescue 8 with Jim Davis and Lang Jeffries (73 episodes).

5. He was the star of a "cop show" in the '50s. His mother was an actress who was better known for comedy. Name the actor and the TV show.

Broderick Crawford is the actor in question; he appeared on Highway Patrol. FYI: his mother was Helen Broderick, a former vaudevillian who appeared in number of films in the 1930s and 40s, including a couple of Fred-and-Ginger movies.

7. What do the Lone Ranger radio and TV shows and the Dick Cavett show all have in common?

Fred Foy as the announcer.

OK, this week's TT starts NOW:

Who are we? Neither of us ever won an Oscar, which many feel was a terrible mistake. However we have appeared in numerous Oscar-winning films. One of us was even nominated for an Oscar (but only once). We are male and female and appeared together just one time - in a Korean war movie that was made during the Korean war. Who are we and what was the name of the film in which we appeared together?

Who Am I? As a teenager, I excelled at tennis, and became National Junior Champion very quickly. Marlene Dietrich once referred to me as "Satan's Angel". Reportedly, my only true regret was being unable to play the piano. Who Am I?

1. Name a TV series Ken Curtis (aka Festus) appeared in before Gunsmoke.

2. This actor appeared in two Korean war films made in 1951, both directed by the same person. Name the actor, director, and the films.

3. Comedian Mort Sahl appeared in this 1960 Korean war film; name the film.

4. Who were the stars of the film in #3?

5. In the 1950s Robert Mitchum made two Korean war films; name the films and the directors.

6. This 1956 MGM film and this 1957 United Artists film dealt with collaboration with the enemy in Korean POW camps. Name the films.

7. Name the stars of the films in #6.

8. Who were the stars of the ABC series The Monroes?

9. Who played the doctor in the film Tammy and the Doctor?

10. Name two American International films starring both Peter Fonda and Bruce Dern.


  1. #3 All The Young Men, Sidney Poitier and Alan Ladd(?), Hal Barlett director.

    #9 Peter Fonda

  2. Who are we? Robert Mitchum & Ann Blyth from One Minute to Zero

    Who am I ? Errol Flynn

    9.) Peter Fonda

    10.) Wild Angels and The Trip

  3. #1. I think Ken Curtis, sang with the Sons of the Pioneers and with Tommy Dorsey band. I'm still trying to come up with the TV show he did before... Gunsmoke.

  4. AACKK! Gilby, Paul, did I miss an ERROL FLYNN question??? I didn't know that about Satan's Angel....Dietrich was a cool one, wasn't she?

  5. Becks, good job on #s 3, 4, and 9! But yes, you missed a Flynn question!! What's up with that???!? JoAnn came up with that one just for you, LOL!

    But Gilby nailed the Errol Flynn question (Who Am I? #2), along with #10 (sorry, but Becks answered #9 first).

    And Gilby, good guess on Who Are We and What's the Film? but the problem is that both Mitchum and Blyth were each nominated once. For the couple in the question, only one of them was ever nominated for an Oscar.

    Dawn, that's good info on Ken Curtis....maybe I need to give you another clue for #1? Hmmm?

  6. The additional clue for #1 is: the title of the show was similar to the name of a '60s rock group.

  7. I'll give anyone a free pass for next week if you can name two members of the group in that clue!

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  9. Is #1 Ripcord? But I can't think of a band that has a name similar to the title. I hope I think of it before someone else, just to make up for my disloyalty to Errol Flynn in not knowing that one!
    JoAnn, don't give up on me!

  10. Very good, Becks! #1 is indeed Ripcord!

    Keep thinking, LOL! And JoAnn won't give up on you!

  11. For the first "Who are we" - is it Dana Andrews and Dorothy McGuire? The film was "I Want You."

  12. Ta-Dah! We have a winner! Way to go, DKoren!!

    Recap: still need to answer #s 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 and the bonus question I gave earlier (a free pass if you can name two members of the rock group referred to in question #1).

  13. #2)Steel Helmet & Fixed Bayonets starring Gene Evans and directed by Samuel Fuller

  14. Good job, Gilby! 1951 was a good year for Sam Fuller!

  15. #5) The Hunters directed by Dick Powell & the previously mentioned One Minute to Zero directed by Tay garnett

  16. #6) The Rack was MGM and Time Limit was UA

  17. #7) The Rack starred Paul Newman and Time Limit starred Richard Widmark & Richard Basehart

  18. Gilby, you've done it again! You've knocked off #s 5, 6, and 7!

    Recap: the only questions left are #8 and the bonus question I gave earlier (a free pass if you can name the rock group referred to in question #1 and two of its members).

    Great job everyone!

  19. #8. Barbara Hershey and Michael Anderson, Jr.

  20. Saz, welcome back to TT! You are correct!

    Well, that's it, folks....unless someone wants to take a shot at the free pass for next week!