Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trivia Time - Part 56

Excuse the late post, but I just back in town from a trip to "wonderful" LA (NOT!). Besides, I thought you guys needed more time to answer some of the questions from last week, but it looks like it didn't help....LOL!

OK, here's what you missed from TT Part 55:

Who Are We and Which Film is This? We appeared together only once, in a movie released in 1953. We have a lot in common: we're both extraordinarily beautiful women, we were both born in the month of August (although we are ten years apart in age), and we were both born in Los Angeles County. Our mothers were both involved in the theatrical profession in New York before we were born. One of us trained primarily as a singer, while the other studied piano and dance, among other things. Who Are We and Which Film is This?

Answer: Rhonda Fleming and Julie Newmar; the film was Serpent of the Nile.

Who Are We? I began as a folk singer and song writer, just like my mom; we both wrote some huge hits. Later I added acting to my repertoire as well. Who Are We?

Answer: Mae and Hoyt Axton

1. Name a hit written by the "mom" from Who Are We?#2.

Answer: Mae wrote "Heartbreak Hotel" which was a huge hit for Elvis.

2. One of the two women in Who Are We and Which Film is This? had a short-lived show in the '60s. Name the show and both stars (male and female).

Answer: My Living Doll, Robert Cummings and Julie Newmar

5. Besides the Beatles and Rolling Stones, name three other "British Invasion" groups which had their own feature films?

Answer: (Rick already named two of the three)
The third group was Gerry and The Pacemakers.

6. Name the films in #5.

Answers: Herman's Hermits, Hold On!
Dave Clark Five: Having a Wild Weekend (aka Catch Us If You Can in Britain)
Gerry and the Pacemakers: Ferry Across the Mersey

8. She, Jane Russell, Connie Haines and Beryl Davis were once part of a traveling gospel quartet which made an album that sold over a million copies. Name the actress/singer, the group, and the album.

Answer: Rhonda Fleming, "The Four Girls", and Make A Joyful Noise

10. Because of their exposure on these two weekly CBS '60s sitcoms, bluegrass music was introduced to a whole new generation. Name the two bluegrass groups and the two shows their music was featured on.

Answer: (Rick got Flatt and Scruggs and The Beverly Hillbillies)
The Dillards, (aka the Darling family on The Andy Griffith Show)

OK, ready or not, here comes TT Part 56:

Who Are We? One of us is a distinguished British actor, and one of us is an early British rocker. We were both in the film Expresso Bongo. Who Are We?

Who Am I? On my father's side, I'm descended from King Edward III and on my mother's side from Scottish Kings. My grandfather gave Oscar Wilde the idea for The Picture of Dorian Gray. My first role that really caught everyone's attention was in a Jimmy Stewart movie made in 1946. I actually made two films with Jimmy Stewart during my career. Who Am I?

1. Name the two Jimmy Stewart films made by Who Am I? #2.

2. In the first season of The Flintstones, what brand of cigarettes did Fred and Barney smoke?

3. In the 50s, CBS news had both a history re-enactment show and a history documentary show. Name the shows and the hosts.

4. This 50s TV show had as co-stars Rosemary DeCamp, Dwayne Hickman, and Ann B. Davis. Name the show.

5. Who was the star of the show in question #4?

6. Which Gomer Pyle co-star referred to himself as "America's slowest rising young comedian"?

7. Name two TV shows with Don DeFore in recurring roles.

8. Name the stars of the ABC TV series, The Young Lawyers.

9. In one film, Errol Flynn sang a song with his co-star. Name the co-star and the film.

10. Between his work for the BBC and his feature films, Ken Russell made docudramas and films about six different composers. Name the composers.


  1. Who are we - Cliff Richard and Lawrence Harvey
    Who am I - Beulah Bondi?
    1. It's a Wonderful Life and Of Human Hearts
    2. They smoked? Ha ha. I don't remember that!

  2. 2. Winston ("tastes good, like a cigarette should!")

    6. Was it Rob Reiner?

    7. "Ozzie and Harriet", and "Hazel".

    9. "Montana" with Alexis Smith. I love ya, Errol, but you had no future in the recording industry. (How's that, JoAnn?)

  3. 4.) Love that Bob! (aKA The Bob Cummings Show)

  4. Tom, you're right about the Who Are We?! Good job! BTW, do you know the name of Cliff's band?

    But sorry, Beulah's not the answer to Who Am I?.

    Becks, GASP!, you got the Flynn question right! LOL! In fact, you're right about #s 2, 7, and 9! Very good! But #6 is not Rob Reiner, sorry. I actually came up with the Flynn question this time after JoAnn insisted that we put one in for you. And who knows, he might have been dubbed! His guitar playing was!

    Gilby, you're absolutely right! #4 is Love That Bob! BTW, do you remember how the show opened and what Bob said?

  5. Who Am I #2 -- Thomas Mitchell?
    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and It's A Wonderful Life.

    Paul, JoAnn has you trained just right! Thanks for the Flynn question!

  6. Becks, sorry, Thomas Mitchell is not the answer to Who Am I? #2.

    I don't think JoAnn agrees that I'm trained right. She seems to still be working on me, LOL!

    I have to go now....my Boise State Broncos are on national television in HD!!

  7. #3. You Are There and 20th Century, both hosted by Walter Cronkite/

  8. Hmmm. Who Am I has got me stumped. A descendant of Edward III? Do I get at least a half of a point for answering half of #1 correctly? Jimmy Stewart did not make any other movies besides IAWL in 1946. So the cat is out of the bag there. :)

  9. Is Who Am I ? #2 -- Is it HB Warner?

  10. #1) HB Warner was in It's a Wonderful Life and Mr Smith Goes to Washington

  11. I'll take another crack at it.

    Who Am I? - Is it Lionel Barrymore?
    #) Lionel Barrymore was in It's a Wonderful Life and You Can't Take it With You.

  12. Saz, correct as always! #3 is indeed You Are There and 20th Century, both hosted by Walter Cronkite.

    Gilby and Tom, great guessing, but sorry....none of those are correct! Yes, It's a Wonderful Life is the picture referred to in the question, but so far you haven't mentioned the right person!

  13. Who am I?#2
    Gloria Grahame
    #1) The Greatest Show on Earth and It's a Wonderful Life

  14. Gilby, way to go! Ladies and gentlemen, we finally have a winner! You nailed Who Am I? #2 and question #6....good job!

  15. Oh, and Gilby got question #1, too!

    Recap: still need to answer #s 8 and 10. Technically, Gilby already answered #5.

    Good job, everyone!