Monday, October 18, 2010

Win a Free Download of The Maltese Falcon!

Whoever answers the most questions correctly (by midnight Tuesday October 19) from the following quiz about Humphrey Bogart will win a free digital download of The Maltese Falcon from Warner Bros. through iTunes. Click here to view additional Warner Bros. classic films available for purchase or rental as digital downloads from iTunes.

1. The female lead for this famous Humphrey Bogart vehicle was originally offered to Bette Davis in 1938, with David Niven as the male lead. It was offered to Davis again in 1947, with James Mason as the male lead that time, but she had to drop out due to pregnancy. Eventually the movie was made with Bogart and another actress. Name the movie and the actress.

2. Name the actor and actress who were Warner Brothers' first choices for Rick and Ilsa in Casablanca.

3. Humphrey Bogart named his daughter after this close friend, who once threatened to quit a film project unless Bogey was given a certain part. Who was the friend and what was the film?

4. Who was the first choice for the Bogart part in the film in #3?

5. Besides The Maltese Falcon, name another Bogart film with Mary Astor and Sydney Greenstreet that was directed by John Huston.

6. Name the directors of the 4 Bogart and Bacall films made at Warner Brothers.

7. Name two Warner Brothers' Bogart westerns and name the stars.

8. Name the two films Bogart made with the Dead End Kids.

9. Besides Casablanca, name a film that Bogart made with Conrad Veidt at Warner Brothers.

10. Bogart got the part in High Sierra under what circumstances, according to Raoul Walsh (be specific).


  1. #2) Ronald Reagan & Ann Sheridan
    #3) Leslie Howard in The Petrified Forest
    #4) Edward G Robinson
    #5)Across The Pacific
    #6) Howard Hawks (The Big Sleep & To have & Have Not);John Huston(Key Largo);Delmer Daves(Dark Passage)

  2. Darn, made it too easy!! At least for Gilby, LOL!

    Great job! The only thing you forgot, Gilby, was to name the actress for #1 (even though it's totally obvious). Are you trying for a clean sweep?

    Recap: only remaining questions to be answered are #s 7, 8, and 10.

  3. #1) Kate hepburn made the film with Bogart

  4. Gilby, congratulations on your win! You were on top all the way. I do know something about question #10, just for fun. I know that the part of Roy Earle was turned down by George Raft, who didn't want to be made to look older, and possibly turned down by someone else, although I don't know who. Bad career choice for Raft!

  5. Becks, you're absolutely right, Raft turned it down! Raoul Walsh said that Raft didn't want his character to die..."I don't die in my movies!".

    It was a dumb move on Raft's part, but good for Bogey!

  6. Yes, Becks is correct on one more thing....Gilby won!

    Paul says that we made it too easy, LOL! Gilby must have really wanted this download!

  7. The only questions that remain unanswered are #7 and 8; here are the answers:

    7. The Oklahoma Kid, and San Antonio

    8. Dead End and Angels with Dirty Faces