Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Trivia Quiz Bonus on Universal Horror Movies

If you're reading this post, it means that Paul, our resident trivia guru, was unavilable this week. I realize I'm not an adequate replacement, but the Cafe's weeky trivia quiz must march on! This week's questions pay homage to the great Universal horror films of the 1930-50s. Good luck to all.

"I'm much more frightening
than these questions!"
1.  In what film was Larry Talbot (aka The Wolf-Man) finally cured?

2.  Name the films in which the Frankenstein Monster speaks (in whole words...grunts don't count)?

3.  Which film in The Invisible Man series co-stars John Barrymore?

4.  What was Dr. Frankenstein's first name in the Universal movies?

5.  Which Universal classic was filmed simultaneously in Spanish with a different cast on the same sets?

6.  What's the connection between House of Frankenstein and the TV series Gunsmoke?

Jack Pierce was the make-up
mastermind behind this look.
7.  Who was originally offered the role of the Monster in 1931's Frankenstein? In which film did he eventually play the Monster?

8.  Name all the films in which the Invisible Man appeared (or, at least, be heard)?

9.  How many Frankenstein films did Boris Karloff appear in?

10. What kind of vegetation was used to revive The Mummy? What plant supposedly cured lyncanthropy in Werewolf of London?


  1. #4 Henry (I have no idea why!)
    Good job filling in! Love those Universal horror flicks! Here's my try:

    #5 The original Dracula.
    #7 I know the first half -- Bela Lugosi...
    #9 Three -- Original, Bride and Son of.
    #10 I think it's tanna leaves for the Mummy. For Werewolf of London, it was a plant that blossoms only in the light of the moon -- I can't rememer the name so I probably don't get this one! Maybe 1/4 credit? LOL!

  2. Can't sleep anyway, so here I am. Let me try a part of #8 - don't know the number, but my favorite was the voice of Vincent Price at the end of Abbott and Costello Met Frankenstein!

  3. Becky, you are correct on #4, #5, half of #7, and half of #10. #9 is a tricky question; there may be more than one answer, but three films is not correct. Be sure to give other Universal fans a crack at some of the questions!

  4. OK, Fearless Leader -- when I can't sleep, I can't stop! But I will...

  5. Becky, I was remiss in saying "good job" with your impressive answers! BTW, I've read in some sources that the good doctor's name was changed to Henry because Victor sounded too German. Not sure I buy that considering when the film was made.

  6. That is strange with Victor/Henry. WWI had been over a long time, and WWII was a ways off. Same thing happened with Dracula with Frank Langella -- they switched the ladies' names -- guess they thought Lucy sounded better for the leading lady than Mina!

  7. #9. Three! I think: Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, and House of Frankenstein (not as the monster).

  8. Love Universal Horror Films!!!

    1. House of Dracula
    2. Bride of Frankenstein
    4. Henry
    5. Dracula
    7. Bela Lugosi? (Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man)
    8. The Invisible Man, Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein
    9. 4?

  9. Laura and Becky, when combined, your answers are correct. Karloff was in four of Universal's FRANKENSTEIN films: the original, BRIDE, SON, and HOUSE. For the record, he played a descendant of Dr. Frankenstein in the non-UNiversal "B" film FRANKENSTEIN 1970 and last wore his Monster make-up in an episode of ROUTE 66.

  10. Emmy, you are right on #1 (a hard question!), #7, and #9 (see above). Becky already answered 4 and 5, but kudos for getting them correct, too. You are partially correct on #2 and #8.

  11. Summary thus far: Looking for complete answers for: 2, 3, 6, 8, and 10,

  12. Rick, wouldn't #5 have more than one answer? It was common to film the Spanish language version simultaneously utilizing the same sets. It's just that DRACULA is apparently the only version that's survived.

  13. 3) John Barrymore appeared in The Invisible Woman
    6) Glenn Strange was the Monster in House of Frankenstein (also in House of Dracula & A&C Meet F), he was also the bartender in Gunsmoke
    8) The Invisible Man, Invisible Man Returns, Invisible Agent, Invisible Man's Revenge - you might also count the finale of A&C meet Frankenstein, and also A&C Meet the Invisible Man. And then there's the Invisible Woman...
    10)tana leaves; mariphasa

  14. Sark, that could very well be; the only one I've read about is the Spanish DRACULA.

    GOM, your answers to #3, #6, #8, and #10 are all correcto!

    The only question remaining to be answered completely is #2.

  15. Sark, you are correct! These were the two that I was thinking of. Jim Phoel from Twitter also noted that the Monster speaks very briefly in A&C MEET FRANKENSTEIN and included this clip (Monster's line is about 58 seconds in):

  16. That completes this quiz. Wow, Cafe readers certainly know their Universal horror movies. I am duly impressed! Thanks to all who participated.

  17. Love this topic and love the Universal horrors and monsters - I think I actually know a couple (or three). Always surprises me how little attention I pay movies I watch! here goes...

    2. Does YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN count? Puttin' On a Ritz!
    3. john Barrymore was in THE INVISIBLE WOMAN so I'm guessing that's the answer
    4. Dr. HENRY Frankenstein
    5. Dracula (and the Mexican version looks a lot like Carl Reiner, btw)

    7. Glenn Strange?? And he played the monster in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (total guess!)

    And that's all I got!

    Hope you don't mind total cluelessness. This is the first time I could even venture a couple of guesses.