Monday, September 26, 2011

Trivia Time 96

Thanks to all who participated last week, particularly the newcomers! Here are the answers to the remaining questions:

Who Said This? "You knew the job was dangerous when you took it?" Who Said This?

Answer: Super Chicken (aka Henry Cabot Henhouse III)

2. In which film did James Garner and Malcolm McDowell appear together?

Answer: Blake Edward's film, Sunset, with Bruce WIllis

3. Which (living) actor is said to have been one of the best stunt drivers in Hollywood in the '70s and '80s?

Answer: James Garner

4. This early '60s film costars Tony Bill, Tom Poston, Ed Nelson, and Adam West. Name the film and the male and female stars. Who got credit for the screen play?

Answer: Soldier in the Rain; Steve McQueen, Jackie Gleason, Tuesday Weld; Blake Edwards

5. What do the film Bucket Of Blood and the TV series Peyton Place have in common?

Answer: Ed Nelson

Well, here is TT96:

1. Which '80s cult film features the game shows Wheel Of Fish and Name That Stain?

2. Who was the star of the film in #1?

3. The Blake Edwards Film SOB was his way of getting back for having to make which film ?

4. What is Donald Duck's middle name?

5. Where was Rocket (Rocky) J. Squirrel born? At what age did he learn to fly?

6. According to the World Economic Council (1959) what is the real basis for the global monetary system?

7. Name the boss over Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale, then name his superior.

8. On George Of The Jungle, who and what is "Shep"?

9. What was Captain Peter Peachfuzz's nickname?


  1. 7.) Boris and Natasha work for Fearless Leader and his boss is Mr Big -- my buddy Kathy and I still use these phrases to refer to our bosses.

  2. Gilby,welcome back.7& 3 are correct.

  3. Super Chicken! I haven't heard that song in ages - love it! And, that picture of Errol -- well, what can I say? Hubba Hubba! (Boy is THAT an ancient phrase! LOL!)

    #4 LOVE the Donald -- Donald Fauntleroy Duck!

    #5 Rocky was born in Frostbite Falls, Minnesota -- I cannot remember the second half of the question, his age of his first flight...

    Best, most literate and hilarious cartoon show ever! This is not an answer to a question, but my favorite villain was Snidely Whiplash - what a great name! And my favorite bit - The Ruby Yacht of Omar Khayam. My Dad introduced me to poetry early in my life, and I remember we fell out laughing at that title. Just some personal memories of the show....

  4. Becks, I'll let Joann comment on Errol . Your right on #4 but on # 5 Rocky was not born in Frostbite Falls. Jay Ward & Bill Scott sure did work that was above and beyond . The greatness was that you could releat to it as a child, then when you became a teenager you got more of it and as an adult you could really see what they were up to, I don't think we will ever see that level on TV again. As for Snidely he's in a tie with Boris for me. Love them both.

  5. Tee hee! I KNEW you'd like that one, Becks!

    According to Paul, I'm "pushing the envelope" since this is a family site! But I was trying to make up for no Flynn question this week.....

  6. BTW, Gilby, I think we've all had bosses like Fearless Leader or Mr. Big at some point in our lives, LOL!

  7. Always enjoying perusing this column, but it's become too Errol Flynn-centric! Answer is 1 is "UHF".

  8. Anonymous, #1 is correct. As for being Flynn -Centric no Flynn question this week. We put pictures of persons in the weeks questions or answers. I have to tell you it's not easy coming up with new Flynn questions each week,so far you have been the only one to openly complain.

  9. #2: the star of #1 is Weird Al Yankovich.

  10. Grand Old Movies, good work you now get to" Drink from The Fire hose".

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  12. Paul, are you sure Rocky wasn't born there? I try to do these questions from memory, and I thought sure that was right. Well, I'll look it up to see where he was born, but I won't use it as an answer, just to be fair. I have to know!

    As a resident Errol Flynn-centric eccentric, I would never complain -- LOL! Questions about him may be dying down (it's a natural occurrence), but you just can't deny that a picture of the Flynn decorates any article ... all for fun, fun for all (well, almost all).

  13. #8. Shep is a elephant, who acts like a dog.

  14. "Boy, girl, boy, girl, governor, girl" was said by Goldie Hawn's character in SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES.

    Aurora :-D

    Oh, wait. Was that a question? No number next to it.

  15. Dawn, as George said"Shep is just a peanut loving poochie" , Aurora, it;s okay, It's a Who said this and most time they have no number. BTW your correct.

  16. Citizen Screen, yes, Goldie said it, but her character's name was Glenda. Aurora was the cook/housekeeper (the one who made "Chicken Pepperoni")..... ;)

  17. I've always thought of the Flynn questions and pics as sort of a tradition we've had going for a while, just to have one Errol Flynn question per week (if possible).

    It's been a rather silly running gag too, mostly between us and Classic Becky, but I really hoped it was fun for everyone!

    Maybe not?

  18. Recap: still need to answer questions 5, 6, and 9.

  19. Oops! Sorry, Aurora, I didn't realize that was YOUR name, LOL!

  20. I'd forgotten about superchicken - thanks for the memory!

  21. JoAnn, I have always enjoyed the Errol Flynn gag. To tell you the truth... I was always amazed how you guys could think up new stuff.

    Now.. I need to get.. George, George, George, of the jungle theme song out of my head.. ;D

  22. Nick, your welcome. Dawn , thanks for you kind words. Gee Last week it was Tom Slick, now it's George Of The Jungle, better not look at the Superchicken clip.