Monday, September 19, 2011

Trivia Time 95

Well, you all did a pretty good job last week! There is one glaring exception but more on that later.... LOL!

Who Said This In Which Film? Person #1 "I'd like a Coca-Cola." Person #2 "Coke?" Person #1 "Um-hm… a clean glass." Who Said This In Which Film?

Answer: Harry Shearer is Person #1, playing a NASA recruiter, and Chuck Yeager is Person #2, playing the elderly bartender in The Right Stuff (click on the link to hear the conversation).

4. Who composed the other 1/3 of the scores for the TV show in #3 (I Spy)?

Answer: Hugo Friedhofer

7. Name the film in which both Moroni Olsen and Alan Jenkins appeared. Name the stars and the director.

Answer: Dive Bomber, with Errol Flynn, Fred MacMurray, Ralph Bellamy, and Alexis Smith, directed by Michael Curtiz.

NOTE: this is the "exception" we were talking about! Our resident (so-called) Flynn experts completely missed this question! This was our FLYNN question!! What's up with that??

9. What was the name of the trailer park in The Last Starfighter?

Answer: StarLite, StarBrite

OK, Trivia Time 95 starts here.... Have fun!!

Who Said This in Which Film? "Meet me in my room in half an hour and bring rye bread!" Who Said This in Which Film?

Who Said This? "You knew the job was dangerous when you took it?" Who Said This?

1. What was the name of Tom Slick's girlfriend?

2. In which film did James Garner and Malcolm McDowell appear together?

3. Which (living) actor is said to have been one of the best stunt drivers in Hollywood in the '70s and '80s?

4. This early '60s film costars Tony Bill, Tom Poston, Ed Nelson, and Adam West. Name the film and the male and female stars. Who got credit for the screen play?

5. What do the film Bucket Of Blood and the TV series Peyton Place have in common?

6. Which Errol Flynn film features electric trains?


  1. #6. I think I remember Errol Flynn, playing with a train set in the movie.. Four's a Crowd.

  2. Dawn, you are correct,and best of all you beat Rick and Becks.

  3. Best of All?!! I mean, congratulations, Dawn. But Paul, how could you? So Rick and I missed one Flynn question, Well EXC-U-U-U-SE M-E-E! By the way, I don't know any of the other answers, darn it.
    Joann, that top picture of very young bad boy Elynn is cute. But the other one, with the ascot and the huge, kind of weird smile -- I think that's the first picture I ever saw of Errol where he looks almost -- I know this is heresy -- a little dorky! Is this the bad teeth picture you talked about? They do look like they could use some Colgate Whitener....

  4. It was a cheap shot and I took it besides I knew the job was dangerous when I took it. LOL. I really thought one of you two would get it.And Please no 70's Steve Martin riffs on this quiz EVER!!!!!!!!!
    And Becks I'll give all of you a HUGE HINT some of the answers to this weeks TT could be in the questions.

  5. LOL, Becky! Yes, that's the "bad teeth" pic of Errol I promised you. If you look closely, his teeth are slightly crooked as well as discolored. He definitely had his teeth fixed later...this must be quite early in his career!

    I think he is still rather good-looking in that one, but definitely not as much of a knock-out compared to later photos!

  6. I think the "rye bread" quote is from 'The Man Who Came to Dinner' said by Jimmy Durante's character. other than that, I know nothing. :-/


  7. Aurora, welcome and you are right. Good job

  8. #1. Olive Oil... Not really.... her name was Marigold. I had the theme song in my head all day yesterday.

  9. "Let me tell you why he's the best of all good guys Tom Slick. "
    Dawn way to go..LOL You could had a lost worst songs in your head

  10. The "Rye Bread" quote is from my favourite bit in The Man Who Came To Dinner and Jimmy Durante says it :-D


  11. Bette ,good answer but Aurora beat you to it on the 20th.

  12. Just wandered in, but I'll take a stab at these. Could 2 be "The Americanization of Emily?" And is 3 Wilford Brimley?

  13. Okay, I was embarrassingly off on 2, having now looked it up. I'm afraid to do the same with 3.

  14. Sorry Joel, those are not the right answers.