Sunday, September 11, 2011

Trivia Time 94

Once again, we are beholden to Rick for pitching in and posting a quiz while we were out sick. Great quiz, Rick.....I tried but couldn't answer all of the questions!

Speaking of which, here are the answers to the unanswered/partially answered questions in TT93:

Who Said This in Which Film?
"I drink better than I dance." Who Said This in Which Film?

Answer: Christopher Penn in Footloose.

Who Am I? Over the course of my very long career, I appeared in over 300 films and television episodes. I worked with practically everyone in Hollywood and in everything from It's a Wonderful Life to I Want to Live to The Incredible Mr. Limpet. I even appeared in both versions of Kid Galahad (1937 and 1962). Who Am I?

Mike Lally (first 2 pics)

1. Name the two "cult sci-fi" films featuring George Peppard.

DKoren came up with one of them: Damnation Alley. The other is Battle Beyond the Stars.

3. This late-'80s film spawned two sequels, a TV series, and a TV movie. Name the film and the star who appeared in all versions.

Answers: Tremors, Michael Gross

4. There are two Errol Flynn films that are considered to be "lost". Name the films.

Answers: Becks got one of the answers I was looking for (Murder in Monte Carlo); she also came up with one I hadn't considered: I Adore You. Flynn had appeared in an uncredited bit part in I Adore You. The lost film I was looking for featured Errol in a starring role: the original version of Hello, God. That version is forever lost… the negatives were destroyed by Flynn after a major falling out with William Marshall, who was the producer, director and narrator. Marshall managed to re-create a similar film from outtakes, and his version of the film was eventually seen in Europe; it was never shown in the US.

7. This Paul Newman film led to two sequels (neither of which featured Paul). Name the film and both sequels.

Answers: Rick made an excellent attempt at answering this one.... but the answers I was looking for were Slapshot, Slapshot 2: Breaking the Ice, and Slapshot 3: The Junior League.

8. Who appeared in all three films in the previous question?

Answers: Steve Carlson, Jeff Carlson, and David Hanson (aka the Hanson brothers).

In any case, here starts TT94....enjoy!!

Who Said This In Which Film? Person #1 "I'd like a Coca-Cola." Person #2 "Coke?" Person #1 "Um-hm… a clean glass." Who Said This In Which Film?

Who Am I? I'm an Emmy-winning composer. In 1939 I had a hit song which became the theme of a television show 40 years later. At one time I was scoring 4 different half-hour TV series and my producer demanded that I write a new score each week for a one-hour show I worked for as well. I wound up composing 2/3 of the scores for that series. Who Am I?

1. What was the name of the 1939 hit song and the TV series composed by Who Am I? Name the star of the series as well.

2. Name the 4 half-hour TV shows mentioned in Who Am I?

3. Name the one hour show for which Who Am I? created the new scores each week.

4. Who composed the other 1/3 of the scores for the TV show in #3?

5. Name the Errol Flynn film(s) for which Claudette Colbert was offered or was under consideration for a part.

6. Sig Ruman and Moroni Olsen were both talented and versatile character actors who appeared in many wonderful films of the 1930s, 40s and 50s. Name the only film to feature both of them; name the stars and the director of that film as well.

7. Name the film in which both Moroni Olsen and Alan Jenkins appeared. Name the stars and the director.

8. In The Last Starfighter, identify the word or phrase that appeared on the license plate of Centauri's (Robert Preston) "star car". In which state was the car registered?

9. What was the name of the trailer park in The Last Starfighter?


  1. 8. The license reads "RYLOS," the name of the planet. It's a California plate. I'll leave #9 for someone else. Always liked THE LAST STARFIGHTER, which played on TV today.

  2. Good job, Rick.. you got #8! We like The Last Starfighter too; it's one of our favorites! Love it in High Definition!

  3. Who am I? I think that must be Earle Hagen. His well-known Harlem Nocturne was the theme for the Mike Hammer show starring Darren McGavin.

    The hour show is I Spy (one of my Mom's faves).

    The half hour show themes include The Andy Griffith Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show and That Girl. Oh, and Gomer too.

    I love Harlem Nocturne, and keep trying to get my daughter to learn it on her flute for me.

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  5. Caftan Woman, great job! You are right on (almost) everything!! The exception being the star of the Mike Hammer show....Darren McGavin was in the ZIV production in the '50s. Remember I mentioned the 40-year gap?

    So the correct star in the CBS version would be Stacy Keach.

    I'm impressed!!

  6. Recap: still need to answer Who Said This In Which Film, #s 4 - 7, and 9.

  7. First, Rick was a great stand-in Trivia host!
    Second, Glad to see you back and well!

    #5 I know Colbert has been offered a part in Flynn's Adventures of Don Juan, but it didn't pan out. That's the only one I know of.

    #6 Both men appeared in The Song of Bernadette with Jennifer Jones, directed by Henry King.

    I know the name of the trailer park in #9, but like Rick, I'll beg off and give somebody else a chance.

    Wonderful, serious pic of Errol! You know, I like him without his moustache - always thought he was darling that way, as in The Prince and the Pauper. But I like him any old way!

  8. D'oh! Stacey Keach? That young whippersnapper! Oh, yeah. Now I remember the venetian blinds in his office set.

    40 years? 20 years? It's all the same to a girl that can't count.

  9. Becks, you're RIGHT!! On both #5 and 6! Way to go, girl!

    JoAnn was wondering if you liked BOTH pictures of Errol (one with mustache, one without)?

    Speaking of mustaches, Caftan Woman, it was probably Keach's mustache that confused you, LOL!

  10. Oh, I should have said -- I love both pictures. But at a certain young point in Flynn's life, I loved his face without the moustache almost more. Well, as I said, I just love his face -- young, old, hairy, shaved, bald head, pot belly......who cares? LOL!

  11. Becky I'm glad you like the Errol pics!

    We should test the truthfulness and sincerity of your love for his face in whatever condition, LOL!

    There's a picture of Flynn before he got his teeth fixed...I will post that one soon (naturally, he looks good even with stained, uneven teeth)! ;)

  12. WHERE are you getting these pictures?! Are you a long-lost family member with a box of old photos or something? LOL! That's OK, I know all about teeth problems. To be fair, you should also post a picture of Clark Gable in GWTW costume without his dentures, Kay Francis in full glamour dress without her eyebrows, and Ray Milland in The Lost Weekend without his toupee. (I read that Milland had started losing his hair very young -- he had the best toupee-maker in Hollywood. I never knew that he wore one!)

    No, none of this has anything to do with TT But it's interesting!

  13. I have my sources, LOL!!

    If I post that pre-dental work pic it's not in order to make Errol look bad....the man looks good no matter what, anyway! I just think it's an interesting picture. :)