Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Name the Movie Game (19 January Edition)

As a reminder, here are the rules:

1. You may ask up to five yes or no questions a day. Each guess does count as one question.

2. Please number each question or each guess to make it easier for me to respond to them.

3. The player who is the first to guess the movie correctly will be the one to make the selection for the following week’s Name the Movie Game.

4. The game will end on Saturday night if the movie is not guessed.

I will be monitoring the blog from now until 11 p.m.

I am thinking of a movie from the 1940's.


  1. Hi Sazball. Here goes
    #1. Does the film taknplace in the 1940's?
    # 2 Is it directed by, Henry King, Mike Crutz, Howard Hawks ,or John Ford?

  2. OK # 3 Does the film take place in the USA?
    # 4.Was the film an Oscar Winner? Actor, Picture Actress .Director etc?

  3. Hello, Saz!
    1. Does the film take place between 1890 and 1939?
    2. Is the film in black and white?
    3. Is the film live action (as opposed to animation)?

  4. Hi Saz!

    1. Did any of the performers in this film receive an Academy Award nomination for this or any other film?

  5. 4. Can the film be classified as one of the following genres: mystery, suspense, or drama?

  6. Tom, you're off to a good start:

    1. Yes

  7. 5. Is the film a musical or a comedy?

  8. Saz, I am out of questions for the evening. Thank you and good night!

  9. Hi, Saz! Finally got access to a computer.

    1. Is it a Western?

    2. Does it take place in a big city?

    3. Does anyone die in the movie?

    4. Is it considered an A-list film?

    5. Was it made by Warner Bros. or RKO?

  10. 2. Did any of the main performers in this film appear in a movie with Jimmy Stewart?

    3. Did the performer who won the Academy Award win the Oscar between the years 1940-1950?

  11. Hi Rick, glad you could make it.

    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Yes
    4. Yes
    5. No

  12. Tom

    2. Yes
    3. Yes (Two peformers are Oscar winners; one of them did)

  13. Kim,

    3. It certainly is!!! Congrats! You get to pick next week's.

  14. Congrats, Kim! Excellent choice, Saz!

  15. Saz, I had fun and thanks Rick. Will send you a message about my movie later this week.

  16. At least I helped narrow it to a Western :)

  17. Well done, Kim! And good job, Saz! I did not anticipate for you to select a Western.:)