Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Secret Movie Star Word Game

Here's the answer to this week's puzzle. Congrats again to Toto for figuring out that James Cagney was the Secret Movie Star.


The object of this game is simple:  Fill in the numbered horizontal rows based on the clues given below. The letters in the red boxes spell out of the name of a famous movie star vertically. You likely won't need all of the clues to figure out this week's secret star. If no one has guessed the star (which isn't likely), I'll post the name tonight. Good luck and have fun!

Your clues:

1. June Allyson’s husband.

2. Her character’s name in this TV show was derived from her “man appeal.”

3. She and her husband shared an apartment with a philosophy professor.

4. Steve Allen played him in a screen biography.

5. Dukenfield’s stage name.

6. Owner of the yacht the Zaca in real life.


  1. #1 Dick Powell, and Powell fits the red boxes.
    #4 Benny Goodman
    #5 Dukenfield is W.C. Fields real name
    #6 Errol Flynn owned the Zaca

    You should call this the Six Degrees of Separation Game. It seems like it should be Powell, but I can't for the life of me figure out the connections.

  2. #1 D I C K
    #2 A
    #3 P E G G Y
    #4 B E N N Y
    #5 F I E L D S
    #6 F L Y N N

    I don't know #2, but guess there is an A because the letters in red would spell CAGNEY who is a star.

    Dawn and Becky, great job! I can only help with Peggy and the format. #6 was tricky because Errol and Flynn both have the right number of letters.

  3. The A is in the third place in #2. When I clicked to "post comment" it reformatted everything.

  4. Great job, Toto! James Cagney is indeed the secret star. The reponse to #2 is DIANA. Diana Rigg's character of Emma Peel on THE AVENGERS was so named because of her man appeal.

  5. Great work, Toto. It's an anagram! I thought it was somebody with connections to all answeres, then that it was the first letter of each answer's name involved -- so I come up with DEPBFF -- that could be Dick E. Powell, Best Friends Forever! (I can hear the groans now).

  6. This was fun, Rick! And, Becky, you made me laugh out loud with DEPBFF! Thank you, all.