Monday, August 23, 2010

Trivia Time - Part 48

Who Am I? I'm a banjo-player who's worked with Ann Sothern, Glenn Ford, Stella Stevens, Mary Tyler Moore, and Shelley Fabares, among others. Who Am I?

Who Am I? I was the first (perhaps the only) actress to win two Emmy Awards for playing the same role in two separate television productions of the same play. Who Am I?

1. For which role did Who Am I? #2 win the two Emmy Awards?

2. What do Jack Benny's 1928 Maxwell, Barney Rubble, and Pepe Le Pew all have in common?

3. Name four films that Walter Brennan did for director Howard Hawks.

4. What do the movies Casablanca, The General Died at Dawn, and Ball of Fire have in common?

5. Which 1960s film features a chase sequence down San Francisco's Lombard Street? (No, it's not Bullitt!)

6. Who was the star of the film in #5?

7. This 1960s film featured two Academy Award winners (one male, one female), plus a score by Neal Hefti. The supporting cast includes Eddie Mayehoff, Jack Albertson, and Mary Wickes. Name the film.

8. Who were the two Academy Award winners in #7?

9. How many movies did Claire Bloom make with Richard Burton? Name them.

10. During the silent film era and continuing into the early "talkies", she was a character actress who played supporting roles in dozens of films. This earned her the title, "Queen of the Quickies". Then her career took a sharp right turn in a different direction, and she became very successful in a completely new career. Name this person.


  1. Hi Paul...jumping in during a "Mad Men" break - I believe #5 is THE LOVE BUG...was thinking of WHAT'S UP, DOC? at first, but it was early '70s...back to Don, Roger and gang...

  2. Hi Eve! Yeah, that is actually correct....but it's not the film I was looking for. I have to accept your answer, but the question is still open. So the answer to #6 is not Dean Jones, LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by during the commercial!

  3. Isn't who am I #2 Judith Anderson for (#1)Lady MacBeth.
    And #2 is Mel Blanc - the voice of both

  4. Oh and #3 - Come and Get it, TO Have and Have Not, Rio Bravo and Red River

  5. Beelzabub, yes, yes, yes (actually the voice of all THREE), and yes! Another possible answer to #3 would be Sergeant York, of course.

    You knocked off one of the Who Am Is plus questions #1, 2, and 3....great job!

  6. Another possibility for #5 is DR. GOLDFOOT AND THE BIKINI MACHINE, though the car chase is done with rear projection. I think #7 is HOW TO MURDER YOUR WIFE, which would make #8 Jack Lemmon and Claire Trevor. Always enjoy Trivia Time, Paul!

  7. Oh, for #9, I'll guess three: THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD (a depressing favorite!), LOOK BACK IN ANGER, and ALEXANDER THE GREAT.

  8. Well Rick, believe it or not, Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine is a possible answer too, but still not what I was looking for! But just as I did for Eve, I have to accept your answer as being "correct", but not THE answer. So that means that #6 is neither Vincent Price nor Frankie Avalon nor Dwayne Hickman, LOL!

    However, you are absolutely dead bang on with your answers to #7, 8, and 9!! I'm impressed!

  9. Hey Paul! I have absolutely no idea what any of the answers are!! Do I get the booby prize?

  10. Becks, do you remember what I said the last time you wanted the booby prize? Are you sure you want to go there??

    Sorry, I can't always post Errol Flynn questions, LOL!

  11. Hey Paul, #10. It is only a guess...Mary Pickford? Now.. that you have said Errol Flynn, I can't think of anything else...;)

  12. Hi Dawn, sorry #10 isn't Mary Pickford....good guess though! You'll have to put on your thinking "hat", LOL, and stop thinking about Flynn!

  13. Paul, I'm a little late with my retort, but in response to what you said to Dawn, WHAT woman in her right mind could STOP thinking about Flynn? Also, I have no good retort for forgetting what you said last time I asked for a booby prize. I should have remembered. Forget it! Bad idea! Delete, delete!